May 25, 2011

Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self,

Remember me?  You're young, naive self?

I hope our dreams have now become reality-- a published children's book, a successful art business, a speaker for the unheard and a traveler of the world. I still love you if you haven't achieved these things, but keep persevering.

I hope you know at any age you can aspire to great things--so keep dreaming.  Each day is a gift of beautiful proportions to drink in and savor. I know this because I'm losing our dear friend.  Perhaps you now look back on these days with a positive perspective.  I wish you were here to tell me.

But I won't let sorrow stop me.  I promise I won't give up on living, loving and growing if you'll do the same.  I'll leave you with the quote I keep circling back to from Natalie Babbitt's Tuck Everlasting. 

"Do not fear death . . . . only the unlived life.  You don't have to live forever; you just have to live." 

Live to the fullest,

P.S. I'm still on a blogging break but already had this post scheduled. Wishing you all the best!

May 17, 2011


With all that's going on in my life right now, I'm taking a hiatus from blogging.  Sorry if this seems abrupt, but last night I realized some things needed to give and unfortunately, this is one of them. My letter for Kristin's Letters-to-the-Future Blogfest (see left sidebar) will post on the 25th since I've already got it scheduled, but other than that I will be MIA.

Wishing you sunshine, laughter, and imaginative creativity while I'm gone.


May 16, 2011

I Love U2

What I'm loving today:
  • my front yard after we worked on it this weekend
  • the cleared wall waiting for my paintings at the coffee shop
  • my friend's clearheadedness.  she's come back from her fog and we've had real conversations!
  • big bear hugs
  • U2--not the band (although they're great). I love you too. (yes, I'm cheesy)
What are you loving today?

    May 13, 2011

    The Unlived Life

    I don't want to have an unlived life.  At times I can let myself get carried away with one lone activity and not keep myself balanced.  I'm a person who's content to be home tucked under covers reading a book or sitting with my laptop grazing the web.  It doesn't take much to entertain me--but that doesn't make for a good story.  I want my story to be full of love and pizazz.  Okay, not famous-in-the-spotlight kind of pizazz, just more of the have-fun-in-the-moment kind.

    I want people to remember me laughing, listening and loving them. I don't want to stay huddled in my corner blocking the world from my heart.

    But that corner is comfy.  And my heart's a little afraid to be seen.

    So it takes great effort to tear off the covers and step out into the world.  To throw open the shutters of my heart and let the love shine out.  Huddling in the corner is all about me.  Loving another person and taking the risk to be honest is about loving them.

    What does the "unlived life" look like to you?

    Check out these sites with an awesome array of goodness: Paint Party Friday and Pink Saturday.

    May 11, 2011

    Truth Thursdays: I Heart Drawers

    It's that time again--Truth telling time.

    1.  I heart drawers! *happy sigh* Aren't they cute?

    2.  I love blog giveaways.  Especially winning. And getting fun stuff in the mail. Like this gorgeous Waverly material I got from Mandie. I'm going nuts with ideas on what to do with it.  Sadly, I'm not a seamstress. Fabric glue, anyone?

    3.  I'm secretly LOVING that my eldest daughter has caught the scrapbooking bug.  Stuff is everywhere and I'm delighted. hee-hee

    4.  My youngest daughter gave me this craft bag and I'm not sure how I ever got along without it.

    5.  I'm a little wild at heart.  (Shhh, don't tell)

    Okay, your turn.  You just drank a cup of tea seasoned with truth serum, what's your truth?

    P.S.  Don't forget to stop by Jen's blog for more divulging truths.


    Addiction to pens
    a Klepto does make.  Leave yours
    behind and I'll take.

    Join the fun!

    May 8, 2011

    Much Love Monday

    What I love today:
    • Purple flowers all over my neighborhood.
    • Laughing together in the midst of pain.

    What do you love today?

    Three Reasons for a Happy Mother's Day

    My sweet three.

    Ironically, my Mom had three too.

    Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

    And Happy Mother's Day to all you sweet moms out there in blogland.

    May 6, 2011

    Sometimes There Are No Words

    My very first painting which I gave to my friend at the beginning of her journey (see below).  It was inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts.
    Sometimes there are no words.  I'm losing my friend; watching her fade and it's hard.  I'm weary from lack of sleep and a torrent of emotions; I'm taking the day off.  But I'll leave you with some great posts I thought you'd like to see:

    • Check out this great interview about how one artist manages her day. (Helpful for writers, beaders, quilters, and all kinds of creatives)
    • Pound away frustrations with a hammer to make an easy yet beautiful Mother's Day card here.
    • A creative handmade gift for Mother!
      Hope your weekend is a good one.  Give your loved ones kisses and hugs. Especially your Mom!  And if you've lost your mother, here's a ((Hug)) from me.

      May 5, 2011

      The Mysterious Jersey

      It's time to tell the truth.  Jennifer at Unedited introduced me to Truth Thursdays--hers are always fun!  Now, here are my truths:
      • A basketball jersey mysteriously turned up in the wash (probably a hand-me-down from cousins) and no one claimed it. My husband put it away in our daughter's room.  She didn't want it so she put it in my son's room.  A few days later, she found it back in her closet.  She sneaked it back into his dresser when he wasn't looking.  He stuck it behind her robe when she was gone.  Every time I hear a Homer Simpson-like "DOH!" come from one of them, I know the game of Hide-the-Jersey continues on.  We believe in cheap entertainment.
      • Guess what?  The rain stopped and the sun came out!  Thanks for all your sunny well-wishes!  Now the porch is my favorite "room". 
      • My daughter introduced me to the show Glee and *gulp* I like it.  (Don't hate, I'm only in the first season and I may tire of it soon)
      • Found my long lost back-scratcher hidden under pillows.  That invention is worth gold! *scratch, scratch*
      • A friend of ours gave me an easel he found at a thrift store. Yipppeee!  I'm so excited.  It makes me feel like "real" artist. Ha!

      What about you?  Any truths you'd like to share?

      May 4, 2011

      Who Are You, Grief?

      Are you a monster,
      Grief?  I've felt your piercing pain
      And wept at your gifts.

      I am deep sorrow;
      Unraveling your secrets.
      My darkness reveals.

      Why are you pressing
      Into the depths of my heart?
      I long for release.

      The only way out
      Is a road paved with anguish--
      You must confront me.

      Join the fun!

      May 3, 2011

      The Birth Story of a Painting


      On this painting I mostly stamped and painted the background.  Usually I add more collage.

      Next I added flowers, face and hair.  I made swirls at the top with the end of my paintbrush before the paint dried (love how the purple shows through). I added touches of color around the edges and inside the paisleys.

       Finally I added details to her eyes, face and neck. 
      Voila, she's finished!

      May 1, 2011

      Sunglasses? What are those for?

      What I'm loving? Sunshine.

      The sun came out for two short days, giving my daughters opportunity to sport fun sunglasses.  I sat on the porch drinking coffee; soaking up the rays.

      On Saturday my husband and kids spontaneously joined the neighborhood garage sale.  I stayed inside visiting my sweet grandmother.  An hour later when I looked out the window, I saw a plethora of stuffed animals lined on a table and one well-worn twin mattress leaning against our ancient van.  The mattress was graced with a FREE sign.  I couldn't help but chuckle.  At the end of the day they made a whopping $30 and came away with the first sunburns of the season.

      Ah was worth having the sun for a short time.  Sadly, it's raining again, but I'll keep sunglasses close just in case.

      See what others are loving on Much Love Monday.