No Sugar? Wha--?

Year of No Sugar caught my attention because it's something I would never do -- give up sugar for a year? No! I love my pancakes and brownies too much. So naturally, I was highly intrigued.

The author, Eve O Schaub, tells how her family abstained from added sugar for an entire year. Impressed that she talked herself into it, I was completely enthralled that she convinced her family to do it with her! I couldn't resist knowing how they survived, so I snagged a copy. 

I finished it in two days. Yeah. It was that good.

Reading their story pricked my sugar loving soul. Her writing was so fun and engaging, dang it! I was in the middle before I realized she was changing my mind.

I won't spoil her story for you but she has powers; I've gone three days without added sugar. And I'm a girl who can put a block of fudge away by herself! No sugar?? Oddly, it's not been as difficult as I imagined, but then again . . . it's only been three days.

All I know is my happy little sugar world has been shaken; now it seems more bitter than sweet.

This book is a delightful, humorous read full of foibles and honesty. She doesn't preach, but her story is persuasive and compelling. As for your relationship with sugar, well . . . consider yourself warned!

Favorite Summer Posts

Now that summer is winding down, I thought it'd be fun to do a roundup of favorite summer posts here on the blog, in case you missed them.

Hope your week is off to a great start!


I've been painting...these girls.

I've been eating...pineapple fried rice.

I've been watching...Emma Approved on YouTube

What've you been up to lately?

Nobody's Perfect ~ Do You Believe That?

Nobody's perfect. I've heard those words many times, but the truth is, I struggle with believing other people can achieve perfection and do.

I look at others and assume their success, their thriving gardens, their beautiful homes, their intimate relationships just...happened. That they, in their perfect worlds, didn't have to fight or work for it.

I imagine they come home from work each day to a beautiful home that never gets messed up and that their garden thrives with the rain of a thousand thunderstorms...

You get the point. Now of course I don't consciously think this, but I find myself believing it when I'm struggling. When I start to compare myself and think things like, "I'll never, I can't, I don't..." All those negative thoughts that don't get me anywhere but sitting on the side of my dreams doing nothing, going nowhere.

And even though I will tell you all day that nobody's perfect, I still have to punch those feelings away that there are people who are. I've learned to recognize the signs and stop myself mid-thought. My best attack method is being grateful. It's impossible to focus on what's not perfect when you're bubbling with gratefulness for your life.

So even though those thoughts still pop up, I'm learning to counter them by soaking in the beauty of life right now; while imperfect, it's full of gorgeous moments I need to notice.

If this is a struggle for you too, how do you fight against believing in perfection?

5 Non-Fiction Books I'm Reading

I've become a bit of a non-fiction junkie. I think it's because I can put down those type books without feeling mortal peril about what's happening to a character.

Don't worry, I'm still a big fan of fiction, but I have to schedule it in because when I'm immersed in a story, it's a struggle to re-enter the real world until I know all has been resolved (aka: completing the book).

Here are 5 non-fiction books I'm reading:

1. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling. I expected to be laughing hysterically the entire way through, but some of the parts were slow for me. However, the parts that were funny were REALLY funny.

2. The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. I'll be honest, I didn't love this one. Maybe I just didn't get it but it felt like a half-written memoir trying to be a how-to book. I kept waiting for the steps and it never got there.

3. Choose Yourself by James Altucher. Okay, I know that title sounds a little narcissistic but the jest of the book is more about helping you strive to be a better version of you. It's a vulnerable and inspiring book.

4. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I loved his last book and I love this one! I always finish his books feeling motivated and ready to do work.

5. Budget Bytes by Beth Moncel. She has an amazing way of making cooking seem easy. Her recipes are made with simple ingredients and she makes it affordable. Easy and affordable? Sign. me. up!

What are you reading lately? Any books you'd highly recommend?