June 19, 2017

What I Want My Children to Know

I want my children to know that they are:

1. Worthy ~ whatever the world says, I want you to know you are always worthy. Your worth doesn't lie in what others say about you or what they do. It lies in being human. You're worthy because you exist.

2. Capable ~ whether you feel it or not, you are capable. You are capable of adapting, of learning of doing new things, and of changing.

3. Inventive ~ you may not feel it sometimes, but you are inventive. You have billions of ideas and endless solutions hidden in your mind waiting to be uncovered.

4. Leaders ~ quietly or loudly, you are leaders. You have a troupe who learn from you and follow you. I want you to be brave enough to step up and lean into your leadership.

5. World changers ~ you already have a global prospective that I never had at your age and your compassion for others moves me. You have the ability to change things about the way you live, how you educate others and become activists to change the world.

6. Adaptable ~ sometimes life changes or we change and it may seem that changing is hard, but I want you to know you are adaptable. You will be able to change with change, regardless of how difficult it may be at the time. You will learn to adapt and with that, grow.

7. Growing ~ you have the ability to be ever growing in your love of others, your knowledge, your strength and your compassion. Don't stop. Push yourself in this area because it will season you and better your entire life.

8. Imaginative ~ you are bursting with creativity. I've seen it alive and blooming. Don't let it die. Add a little sprinkle of imagination in all you do, whether it's thinking outside the box at work or adding art and music to the world.

9. Beautiful ~ you are beautiful inside and out. Don't anyone or any social construct determine how you feel about yourself. Know that true beauty reaches farther than skin deep. Embrace the strengths you have and enjoy them.

10. Brilliant ~ no matter what grades you make/made or what judgement others pass on you, you are brilliant. I've seen your brilliance and can attest to it. You come up with solutions when none are there, you reach the inner pain of someone when no one else can, and you find laughter in the midst of sorrow. You are brilliant, use that brilliance to help others.

What would you add? What do you want the kids of this generation to know?

June 14, 2017

There's Comfort in Uncertainty

Feeling certain has it's perks. It's safe. It's familiar. You know what you're getting. I'm the type of person that dives head first into certainty and often has to back up. It just feels so good to be certain of something.

The problem is, in reality there is very little certainty.

I found this out through an unusual path. It wasn't a death or tragedy that disrupted my belief in certainty. It was through books; through my love of learning and reading that I began to uncover the awful truth that:

Certainty is rare.

Deeply held beliefs of mine were suddenly called into question. I began to examine them from an outsider's view and they no longer made any sense. I'll be honest, I was crushed. I cried every night for months. Sometimes tears would appear in the middle of the day and surprise me.

I began to wonder if I would ever feel safe again. Would I be able to live in a world where things are so unsettled? So uncertain?

I realize this shows how unconnected I was with the world around me. There are many people who have no choice but to see through the lens of terrible uncertainty. Admitting my surprise of it only demonstrates how privileged a life I've lived. Frankly, it's embarrassing how long it took me to see it.

But I'm awake now.

And slowly, I've learned to find a weird kind of comfort in uncertainty. There is a beauty in not knowing something. It gives room for wonder and mystery. In the past, I only enjoyed mystery when the answers would be forthcoming. But now, I'm learning to embrace mystery as it is, no limits or ending.

Uncertainty has brought me to a place of listening better. Being uncertain of my stance, I find myself learning from others and their opinions. I'm no longer the one with the answers. I am a student of new ideas and different perspectives.

I'll admit, I still look back longingly at the days of certainty and wish for that world. But I'm learning to accept this one and find comfort in the beauty of uncertainty.

June 12, 2017

5 Happy Goals

5 Happy Goals

Setting goals can be a joy and a curse. The planning stage is bliss, full of possibilities and wonder. But once the pursuit begins, it can feel like an obligation. Our family has had lots of changes this year, nothing bad, just busy and I've found myself feeling anxious. So I felt it was time to create some goals for myself to get my mind occupied. But the thought of having to accomplish a bunch of things didn't sound too calming either. So I decided to start with Happy Goals instead. Goals just for fun's sake ~ goals to make me happy! If I like it, I may do it monthly. Feel free to join in and make your own happy goals. We can cheer each other on!

1.  Blog more.  I love blogging. It seems that anytime life pulls me away from it, I end up returning in the long run. There is something invigorating about creating a post and putting out there for the world to see.

2.  Paint two abstracts. Painting is the most calming experience for me. It allows me to process things I have trouble thinking through while also allowing me to play with color and beauty.

3.  Go swimming. This sounds like a no-brainer for summer. But now that my kids are older, they don't need me with them at the pool so I don't go much. And I LOVE swimming! We have a neighborhood pool literally down our street. I even got a new swimsuit this year that I actually like! There really is no excuse, this one needs to be crossed off ASAP.

4.  See a movie at the drive-in. I noticed Wonder Woman is playing there this week! How cool would that be? The only drawback was it was paired with Baywatch . . . ew, what were they thinking?

5. Get a sno-cone at Josh's Sno Shack. There are so many flavors and it just sounds refreshing. (Watermelon is the best!) Now I'm just making myself thirsty.

Okay those are my happy goals for this month! I'll let you know how many I manage to cross off. If you do it too; I'd love to see your list!

July 25, 2016

Dress-ed for Summer

Dress-ed for Sumemr

I love a one-stop-shop outfit and dresses have that ease, especially in Summer! A dress can make you stylishly presentable in less than five minutes by simply throwing it on! These summer dresses ooze chic and simplicity. Outdoor barbecue? Done! Day at the beach? Done! Flea market shopping and coffee with a friend? Done and Done! Simply add a pair of easy-to-throw-on sandals with a go-to bag and your outfit is complete. You'll be out the door in minutes!

Which dress would you love to grab and go?

July 18, 2016

Grown-Up Shorts Capsule

Grown-Up Shorts Capsule

This capsule is full of grown-up shorts; the stylish kind. You'll not see any rips or super-short lengths here, but that doesn't mean it has to dull. These pieces are all classy and comfortable with a splash of fun! As we age, we often try to separate ourselves from those who are just coming of age. There is a stigma on trying to look "too young" as you swing into middle age and beyond. And while I believe you should wear whatever you feel great in; I personally wouldn't choose to wear the same outfits as my daughters. Getting older doesn't mean clothes have to be boring. Fun clothes can be classy AND adorable!

Allow me to explain what I love about each of them:

Yellow shorts: I can't help it, I LOVE yellow! In the summer it connects me to the sun and makes me feel brighter. The classic cut on these shorts make them versatile while the color makes them fun.

Bright Colored Pattern Shorts: I admit, I have a thing for patterns and for bright colors. I would probably stick out in France like a sore thumb. The cut of these shorts is simple which allows the fabric design to take the spotlight. It's a statement piece without being too busy.

White shorts: These may seem like a super basic choice, but you can't go wrong wearing white in the summer. Pairing any top with these shorts makes it feel fresh. And it doesn't hurt that white shorts go nicely with a new tan.

Draw-string Stripe shorts: Talk about comfort! There is nothing more comfy than drawstring shorts. It's almost like getting away with wearing pajamas out in public! The striped pattern take these shorts to a higher class, especially paired with the right top  and possibly a blazer. You could wear them to a meeting!

Embroidered shorts: Seriously IN LOVE! These shorts are classy without trying. And the artwork in the embroidery? Swoon! It's the perfect blend of art meets function. I could imagine wearing these almost everywhere. They seem dressy but wear comfortably.

Jean shorts: Everyone needs a good pair of jean shorts! They're timeless and go with EVERYTHING. Talk about versatility. But notice the absence of rips and holes. In my opinion, those are better kept for the young. You can still look stylishly sloppy without actually being sloppy.

Polka-dot shorts: I smile every time I look at these. There is something about polka-dots that make me feel playful. I think because they don't take themselves too seriously and it reminds me to lighten up! Plus, a pattern like this is basically neutral and easy to pair with many things.

Blue Lace shorts: These are definitely a bit dressier, but I can't help loving the ombre effect of white, turquoise and blue. It reminds me of oceans and gorgeous beaches. While I wouldn't wear these shorts everywhere, they would be a happy addition!

Flower shorts: I can't help but love a pattern like this! It's adorable and comfortable ~ two of my favorite characteristics. Not to mention I'm mad for daises! I love the trim; it adds surprise without taking away from the overall look. This also goes in my classy-and-not-pajamas-but-feels-like-it category.

What are you favorite pair of shorts?