January 31, 2014

My Favorite Wardrobe Capsules

I've been a little crazed about wardrobe capsules lately and have found some really great ones on Pinterest. It's always fun to see what items others choose for their capsule. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

1. This black and white capsule is so fresh and adorable! I love the idea of a black and white capsule, but I'm also drawn to color so I'd have to have it somewhere ~ maybe in scarves.

2. This neutral travel capsule also caught my eye. I love the combinations of light and dark.

3. This work-a-day capsule is versatile and I would enjoy wearing all these outfits. They're pretty, yet comfortable.

4. This polished neutral capsule would be good for professional as well as traveling. It's got a fun blend of fabrics.

5. A French-inspired capsule is my latest obsession. It always looks so chic! And this set is especially thrilling because it's simplicity at it's finest: twelve pieces turned into twenty outfits.

What core items must you have in your closet?

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