February 3, 2014

Five February Goals

I thought it'd be fun throughout this year to start each month with a short list of goals I'd like to accomplish. There is something about making a list and seeing it on paper that helps settle it in your mind. 

These won't be difficult, in fact some are just for fun but all of them are some things I'd like to do. I'll tell you what I finish when I list the goals for next month; it'll hold me accountable. ;)

Five February Goals:

1.  Create one video post.

2.  Do yoga 2-3 times a week.

3.  See the movie, August: Osage County.

4.  Write ahead seven posts.

5.  Work on three pieces to introduce in re-launch of my art shop.

Want to join me? I'd love to hear what your hopes are for this month!

{See March goals here}


  1. I love those goals! I have been trying to get in more video posts too. I ended up paying an annual subscription to WeVideo because it is easy and I can do it from my phone. They have a free version to check out. Yoga, love yoga! I have to tell you I am so excited to see your video and your art shop re-launch..woot woot!

    Okay, here are three:
    1. I too will get a video post up this month.
    2. I am going to finish my road trip ebook.
    3. I will bravely speak at my new Toastmasters group. (yikes)

    Thanks for the kick in the butt!

    1. Jema, I'll have to check out your video posts! You're always so encouraging. :) Those are fantastic goals, go little speaker, you!


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