March 3, 2014

Five March Goals

Hi everyone! Making a short list of goals for last month helped me in February, although I didn't quite finish them all, it did get me closer. So I'm going to do the same for March. These are little goals that are do-able. I'm trying to keep them specific rather than vague and small rather than large.

March Goals:

1. Set up shop. {My goal was to have my online art shop up and running mid-March and I'm still working on that!}

2. Take more daily photos. I've been lax with this lately and want to get back to doing it. I've had trouble getting comfortable with my new camera, but practice always helps that.

3. Make {at least} four new art pieces. I've been painting a lot but this will just help me get going on a little set I wanted to finish.

4. Get rid of two more trash bags of STUFF. We've reduced our things by probably a 1/4, but I would like to get that to 1/2! It feels so incredible to not be crowded by things we're not using. The airiness alone is worth it!

5. See the movie, Divergent. This is just for fun, but I love movies and finishing the fun goals encourages me to do the hard ones. It's my little mind trick. Since this one doesn't come out till the end of the month, it might end up being my reward for finishing all the others!

What about you, do you have some goals or fun things you'd like to do in March?

{See February's goals here and April's goals here}


  1. great goals! I need to take more daily photos too. And I know what you mean about purging feel so good!

    1. Thanks, Beth. Purging does feel good! With every bag walking out the door I feel lighter. :)

  2. Seeing Divergent is totally on my March goal list too :) Really looking forward to it!

    1. Yes! If the movie's as good as the trailer, I'll be happy.


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