February 28, 2014

Music Tells a Story and this Song is Telling Mine

My twin sister and I used to practice singing for hours. We'd pick our favorite records (yes, I'm that old) then continue putting the needle back to the beginning of our favorite songs until we knew it like the inside of our skin. We formed harmonies (she was the soprano and I the alto) and read each other's voices as if they were our own. 

Mom arranged our first gig in a small church. We were only eleven at the time, but we embraced the chance. From that time on, we took every opportunity offered us, to sing for others. It connected our music world to the real world.

Looking back, I'm shocked an introvert like me would venture singing to a crowd, but I didn't feel alone. I felt hidden behind the bravery of my sister and comfortable in the familiarity of our voices.

My children whine when I put my favorite music on. They unwillingly know every word to all my dearest songs, since they've been subjected to listening to them since entering this world.

The irony is that they're consumed with music as much as me; only, a different variety. I knew they understood when I caught my eldest with her hands up, completely lost in song. I had to capture that moment on canvas because when you love music  so much, you know:

Music tells a story, and this song is telling mine.

Have you ever listened to a song and felt it was telling your story?

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