Hello and welcome! I'm Catherine, a simple girl who enjoys writing, painting and engaging in deep discussions. An outgoing introvert who is as happy alone as being with others. I'm easily amused and laugh often. Fortunately I married a funny guy who cracks me up daily; he also doesn't mind analyzing movies and talking endlessly on our favorite topics (aka: latest Netflix obsession and our kids). We have three kids that are closer to adulthood now than childhood. This makes me nervous and excited to see what the next chapter in our lives will be!

My son photo-bombed the first picture two years ago, and it worked! I recently asked them if we could re-create it. This time my son surprised the girls by jumping on them. Not quite the same result!

I want this blog to feel as if we're talking over coffee. A place to laugh. A place to share vulnerably. Feel free to join in the discussion; I'd love to hear from you. Let's be friends!