Hello and welcome! I'm Catherine.

I love to read.
I love helping others.
I love to create, nurture and transform.
I love finding ways to improve life.
I thrive on encouragement, intimacy, and inspiration.
I’m motivated by people who are living their best lives.

I believe everyone has the power to change.
I believe in kindness and tenderness.
I believe in the importance of boundaries.
I believe we must embrace ourselves,
even when we feel ordinary, withdrawn, or boring.
We must focus on our strengths and let them flourish.

I am committed to being authentic.
I want to live in a world where everyone is self-reflective
and willing to own their wrongs.
I want nothing more than to tell the truth.
I want to make this world a brighter place.
I hope to inspire with my words.
I choose to be responsible for my life, success, and shortcomings.
I will speak up even when I’m scared.
I will show the world it’s never too late to improve yourself!
I will ask you to be you ~ it's the best choice there is.