Hello and welcome! I'm Catherine. 
I share about simplicity, self-awareness and sincerity.

I've always been a simple girl. It doesn't take a lot to make me content and I flow better when I have less decisions to make. The way I've worked with this, is creating systems for myself to reduce the amount of decisions I need to make. I have a capsule wardrobe, one small bag of makeup and a set of simple meals I enjoy making. I realize this is not everyone's preference, and if you need lots of variety then I'm probably not your girl. But if this sounds interesting to you, you might want to check out these posts:
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I read a lot of personal growth books. It might be a small obsession. But there is nothing more exciting to me than discovering something I hadn't known about myself, the world or other people in my world. I crave understanding everything around me and unfurling the coils of my own mind. If this sounds too heady for you, I understand. But if you love this stuff, check out these posts:
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Being sincere has to be at the top of my goals for life. I want to speak the truth. I want to be open and share vulnerably in a brave way (thanks Brene Brown). It's hard to always do that though and sometimes I just want to hide, blame and dull the pain with donuts. But I'm working hard to keep myself open and share honestly ~ even when I need to own my wrongs and show my mistakes. You can see what I mean by reading these posts:
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Whoever you are, I hope you know you are incredibly valuable in this world. I see you, and you're magnificent!