July 17, 2018

The Deadly Trap of Assumptions

We all make assumptions, it's human nature to connect things and want them to make sense. When something doesn't make sense, we put our own spin on it and solve the puzzle through assumptions.

But our version of things isn't always the truth. And leaning only on our assumptions can lead to the end of relationships, jobs, or dreams.

I've been in situations where I was sure I knew what someone was thinking or what was meant by something they said. So I walked away with hurt feelings or an injured ego only to find out days later that my assumptions had been completely wrong.

It's easy to assume, it's human even. But it can lead us down roads of loss that could be avoided by one thing. One simple action solves the problem of assumptions:

Learn to ASK.

Simply asking a question to clarify the other person's actions can clear up all assumptions and give the person a chance to explain. It gives us a moment to connect and listen. It helps raise empathy between us by hearing each other's perspective.

All this, with a tiny, significant ask.

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