July 18, 2018

The Summer of Pretty

I'm wearing dresses again.

I think I stopped wearing them when I became a mom because I was always messy or chaotically on the go. I didn't have anything to dress up for on a regular basis and even when I did, I substituted pants with ballet slippers.

I think it was also because I'd gained weight. It started with leftover baby weight from pregnancies and continued with late night "treats" after babies were in bed. Somewhere during the transformation of my body, I let go of dressing up and feeling fancy.

But lately I've been working on loving my body. I must be making some progress because I bought a dress. It flatters my shape and swings around my knees. I love it!

Then on vacation, when we were thrifting our way through Des Moines, Iowa, I found dress after dress in those tucked away aisles.

How was I finding so many things that fit me perfectly when I'd struggled for years to find anything?! Then it hit me, it wasn't the clothes that had changed.

And now I'm living the summer of pretty, with a closet full of dresses!


  1. I love wearing dresses! It's always annoyed me a bit when people say to me, "Why are you dressed up?" just because I'm wearing a dress or a skirt. I think they're comfortable, and yes, I like to dress pretty!

    1. I know what you mean! I've had people ask me where I'm going or what I'm dressed up for. I used to feel I needed to explain myself, but lately I've just been like, "Just for me!" haha


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