October 10, 2018


Barring no unforeseen circumstance, I'm at the halftime of my life.

It's exciting. I'm contemplating what game plays I'm going to continue running and what plays I need to change. I think sometimes I'm too optimistic, I get these ideas of how long I'll live, how healthy I'll be and how much I will accomplish. I'm a dreamer and sometimes I wonder if that's a detriment, but I choose to believe it's a strength.

If we can't imagine a better future, then what good is our imagination?

I choose to look ahead with excitement and plans. I know it all could get derailed by life, but apart from that, I'm more committed than I've ever been to just keep plowing through. Maybe I'll lose, maybe I'll look foolish, or maybe it won't work; but I want to have no regrets. I want to know I did everything I could to make my imagined future happen. I imagine so many great things I want to do. But I also imagine who I want to be.

I want to "grow up" to be:
Incredibly understanding of others.
A vulnerable storyteller.
Unrattled by drama.
Responsible for my own emotional life.
Advocate passionately.
As healthy as possible.
Unmoved by other's opinions of me.
A fighter for the underdog.
Constantly evolving.
Strong and determined.
Gentle and kind.
Stubborn and unwilling to quit.

I'm working hard to be aware of all the patterns, thoughts and actions I have that aren't serving me anymore. Recognizing the time clock has lit a fire under me and I hope the next half of life is even better than the first!


  1. Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man. Best article I have ever read

    Keep it up!

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  3. How do you know you're halftime of your life?

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