October 3, 2018

Intuitive Eating

I've been reading the book, Intuitive Eating, and it's fascinating. The advice is seemingly simple, you eat only when you're hungry (a 6 or 7 on their hunger scale) and stop when you're satisfied (at a 4).

They encourage stepping away from the dieting mindset and allow yourself to eat anything within the pocket of hunger. You only eat when you're hungry but with the knowledge you won't deny yourself when you're hungry again. This is to break away from the dieting mindset and let yourself be assured you won't deny yourself any food. They say to fully embrace it and allow yourself to be assured and after awhile you will crave healthier foods.

They explain that eating past hunger diminishes the taste of the food anyway, so why not savor it while you're hungry and then wait until you're hungry again to eat more? Your stomach can't taste it.

I'm thinking of trying this. I do worry about gaining weight on the front end but I like the idea of allowing your body to direct you to what it needs by intuitive cravings.

Since the book is written by an award-winning registered dietitian and a nutritional therapist, both specializing in eating disorders; it gives me more confidence in their advice and confidence to try it.


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