May 5, 2011

The Mysterious Jersey

It's time to tell the truth.  Jennifer at Unedited introduced me to Truth Thursdays--hers are always fun!  Now, here are my truths:
  • A basketball jersey mysteriously turned up in the wash (probably a hand-me-down from cousins) and no one claimed it. My husband put it away in our daughter's room.  She didn't want it so she put it in my son's room.  A few days later, she found it back in her closet.  She sneaked it back into his dresser when he wasn't looking.  He stuck it behind her robe when she was gone.  Every time I hear a Homer Simpson-like "DOH!" come from one of them, I know the game of Hide-the-Jersey continues on.  We believe in cheap entertainment.
  • Guess what?  The rain stopped and the sun came out!  Thanks for all your sunny well-wishes!  Now the porch is my favorite "room". 
  • My daughter introduced me to the show Glee and *gulp* I like it.  (Don't hate, I'm only in the first season and I may tire of it soon)
  • Found my long lost back-scratcher hidden under pillows.  That invention is worth gold! *scratch, scratch*
  • A friend of ours gave me an easel he found at a thrift store. Yipppeee!  I'm so excited.  It makes me feel like "real" artist. Ha!

What about you?  Any truths you'd like to share?


  1. when i got my easel i put on a beret and was pretending i was french :)

  2. those were great! I don't have enough "cute" truths to rub together, much less five =)

  3. I love your Cheap Entertainment story. I have a feeling that basketball jersey will be making the rounds for years to come :)

  4. Love the cheap thrills with the jersey and easel. I'm also a Gleek. That's what they call us. It's terrific, and keeps getting better. A few of the early episodes of season 2 made me raise my eyebrows, then they got phenomenal. They're about real kids, not perfect barbies. They're about real issues. I loved the episode from two weeks ago where they named their imperfections, claimed them, and embraced them.
    Rock on!

  5. Hahaha, the jersey game is totally something my brother and I would have done as kids. If we lived close we might still do it now....

    And what do you mean, don't hate? I love Glee! Granted, I've only seen the first season on dvd, but I loved it. It's so dramatically over the top, decadent-cheese funny, all around fantabulous!

  6. I let my dog do her business on my balcony toay because I was lazy :-/ lol

  7. Hahah! The hiding jersey- that's cute.

    I like the music from Glee.

    Stop by my blog to grab your award.

  8. LOL the hide the jersey game sounds hillarious

  9. I love it -- "Hide the Jersey"!

    We have a similar game called "Hide the socks"...well, not really, it's more like "hmm....whose socks are these? Let's put them in this drawer." Anyway, I have single socks galore, but no mates!

  10. When I have children I'll know that hide-the-jersey is a brilliant way to entertain :) LOVE IT!


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