May 11, 2011

Truth Thursdays: I Heart Drawers

It's that time again--Truth telling time.

1.  I heart drawers! *happy sigh* Aren't they cute?

2.  I love blog giveaways.  Especially winning. And getting fun stuff in the mail. Like this gorgeous Waverly material I got from Mandie. I'm going nuts with ideas on what to do with it.  Sadly, I'm not a seamstress. Fabric glue, anyone?

3.  I'm secretly LOVING that my eldest daughter has caught the scrapbooking bug.  Stuff is everywhere and I'm delighted. hee-hee

4.  My youngest daughter gave me this craft bag and I'm not sure how I ever got along without it.

5.  I'm a little wild at heart.  (Shhh, don't tell)

Okay, your turn.  You just drank a cup of tea seasoned with truth serum, what's your truth?

P.S.  Don't forget to stop by Jen's blog for more divulging truths.


  1. I like those drawers too, and the grand sense of organization they have!

    I love ... fresh coffee. Walks. Live music. Writing :)

  2. I could have written that! I love all that stuff--especially fabrics. I don't sew much, but I could spend hours (and have) just looking at fabrics. I also love the smell of fresh-cut grass. It means spring is here!

  3. I spot Creative Memories stuff. :D And I do love drawers. I love anything that gets me organized and makes it easier to move every couple of years. Give me containers or give me... *cough*

  4. Hi Catherine
    I love your drawers and that you are so organised - lucky you. All those neat labels - i love boxes - have tons of them, then forget what i've put in them.

  5. Clare, Well...I'm organized in the little things. My husband likes to joke that the house can be a mess but the sock drawers will be color coded.

  6. oooooh, look at all that pretty fabric! I think you should get a sewing machine and get down to business. You only learn by trying. :) And it's fun! You can even incorporate it into your other creative activities. (can you say pushy? Ok, ok, I'll stop, I promise I don't work for Singer or anything).

    My truth: I can only dream of being more organized. It's not in my dna. at all.

  7. I love that craft bag! Looks like it would really come in handy.

    My truth? I get overly excited about the smallest things. Most people think I'm nuts because of it, but I don't mind. :]

  8. My truths...

    1) I play Littlest Pet Shop with my daughter and use a British accent for the bulldog - his name is Winston. ;-)

    2) I get extraordinary joy out of my walks through the park. Nature is indeed incredible.

    3) I used to craft. A lot. Now I hardly ever do. I miss it, but just don't have the time when I have so many writing projects. Occasionally, though, my daughter and I will do collages which we really enjoy.

  9. you're so cute and crafty!
    i wish i had a girl sometimes to share my crafty side...
    oh well.
    and thank you for not saying squee on #3 (hee hee)

  10. ooo that material is awesome!!

    My truth today is that I love Turbo Kickboxing. I just got back from class so I'm on a major workout high. LOL. Now it's time to write!

  11. oooo, i love those drawers!! my truth: i accidentally had a second cup of coffee today. oopsy :)

  12. The drawers are fantastic. I need some way to organize the mess on my desk.

  13. Hello! New here.

    Where do you find the time to do all that crafting? :)

  14. Sophie, well, I often work on it while we (my family) is watching television. I guess I just squish it in alongside everything else. :)

    Sorry everyone. I see Blogger lost the other comments when they took down this post for maintenance. Ah well...

  15. so comments dont seem to be saved. oh well.
    i said something cute and funny, as i sometimes wish i had a girl to craft with & thx for not saying squee on #3 (felt like you wanted to =)
    happy blogger is back up!
    have a nice wknd!


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