May 16, 2011

I Love U2

What I'm loving today:
  • my front yard after we worked on it this weekend
  • the cleared wall waiting for my paintings at the coffee shop
  • my friend's clearheadedness.  she's come back from her fog and we've had real conversations!
  • big bear hugs
  • U2--not the band (although they're great). I love you too. (yes, I'm cheesy)
What are you loving today?


    1. Fun list going on over here today. I'm loving the garden I planted this weekend. Lots of little tomato seedlings are in the ground now ... Fresh tomatoes off the vine are one of the best parts of summer :)

    2. <3 u 2
      for reminding me to look for love!

    3. Hooray for your paintings going up! How wonderful!

      I love everything today! I love that I'm almost done grading. I love that things are calm. I love that the birds are chirping outside. I love that my little girl is happy. I love that I've been on a creative streak and I believe it's taking me somewhere. I love that I'm listening to Zoe Keating's cello - her music makes me happy.

      And of course, u2. :)


    Thank you so much for your visit. I love hearing from you and dearly appreciate your comment!