April 30, 2015

April Review

Here's a review of some April posts you may've missed:
Photo tale about a coffee break.
An inspiring book for writing non-fiction.
How life can be pretty and poison.
My collection of Shakespeare lip balm.
My childhood painted jewelry box.
The myth of having it all.
Photo tale of a Barbie-house takeover.
This creative photo idea book!

Now I'm excited about May and all the sun it will bring!

April 28, 2015

Shakespeare Card Collection

My husband bought me these beautiful cards from Immortal Longings. While I think it'd be fun to send them to my book-loving friends, they're so beautiful I don't want to part with them. I'm thinking of framing and hanging them in the hallway to show them off and keep them visible.

Can you guess which cards go with which Shakespeare plays?

April 27, 2015

Much Love Monday #5

Getting a new pixie-cut! My hair had grown too long in the back for my taste. I always love having a fresh cut to play around with!

Thinking up some new chalk-art projects!

My boys dressed up for serving at a fundraiser and being silly.

Going to see Cinderella with this girl and posing in our best demure, enchanting princess looks.

Let's start Monday off right by celebrating what we love. What are you loving today?

April 24, 2015

5 Great Black & White Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

I find myself leaning towards monochromatic colors for the basics of my wardrobe but I love having lots of pattern to mix it up a bit. These pieces would make fun additions to any wardrobe!

1. I'm crazy about loose tops and this one is perfect. Instead of polka dots ~ they're paisleys.

2. These adorable shorts would go with a multitude of colors or simply gray, white and black.

3. Sandals that are comfortable enough to walk around in and still dress up any outfit.

4. I love the light look of this scarf, perfect for summer layering.

5. This tote takes the cake ~ I am always weak when it comes to anything with old fashioned typewriters or inspiration to write.

Would any of these fit nicely into your wardrobe? What's your favorite of the five?

April 23, 2015

Photo Tales: Barbie-House Takeover

Cinderella: We are never, ever getting back together.
Gingham: That's too bad, he seemed like a nice guy. Are you okay?
Cinderella: Everything has changed.
Gingham: Wait, are you talking in song titles again?
Cinderella: Teardrops on my guitar.
Gingham: Stop.
Pink: Isn't this fun? Aren't we having fun? This is so much fun!

Gingham: What're you going to do now?
Cinderella: Shake it off, shake it off.
Gingham: Seriously stop.
Cinderella: Why you gotta be so mean?
Pink: Guys, something's flying in!

Grandiose: I am Grandiose, Queen of the Southern fairies and I'm here to offer an exchange. Your house for a fairy house!
Pink: Fairies are real? That explains a lot!
Gingham: Wouldn't it be small for us?
Grandiose: Heard of tiny houses? Tiny is the new big!

Grandiose: My army and I will er--take you there.

Red: Sorry I'm late, did I miss anything?

Grandiose: Is that my Pegasus?

Red: Yeah, mine was napping.

Grandiose: For the tenth time, you need to ask first!

Red: As she was saying, we need to relocate you.
Grandiose: It could be a fun adventure for you all!
Pink: Did you say fun?
Gingham: Pink, don't agree to anything yet--
Pink: YES, we'll trade you!
Gingham: PINK!
Pink: She said it'd be fun!

Pink: I thought fairy homes would be more enchanting.

Pink: All three of us squished together like the three men in the tub! So fun!

Gingham: You're not making it better. I think we've been swindled.

Pink: Ken and Barbie don't even have a tiny house yet! We're gonna be trending!

Cinderella: Are we out of the woods yet?

Grandiose: This place is ginormous! There's nothing better than relaxing by a fire indoors.

Red: While watching television!

Grandiose: If only there was another channel besides Barbie's...


Red: Could you move your wing? It's tickling my face.