April 14, 2015

Childhood Jewelry Box

I painted this jewelry box in art class when I was little. Now it holds all my small earrings. I love seeing it everyday; it reminds me of childhood and my young fascination with life's beauty. 

Do you have something from your childhood that you still use or enjoy today?


  1. Very, very cool.
    Hi Cathy, Geoff here. I know exactly how you feel bout your jewelry box, I made a fishing box when I was in standard six. That's about forty three years ago and I still use it today without ever having done anything to it. I'm so proud of that fishing box. I use it to motivate my workers to strive for quality. Your's looks so good and with your name and date scratched on the bottom, how cool is that.
    Nice to red one of your post again, Geoff.

    1. Geoff, that sounds like a well-made fishing box! So cool that you still have it!


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