April 23, 2015

Photo Tales: Barbie-House Takeover

Cinderella: We are never, ever getting back together.
Gingham: That's too bad, he seemed like a nice guy. Are you okay?
Cinderella: Everything has changed.
Gingham: Wait, are you talking in song titles again?
Cinderella: Teardrops on my guitar.
Gingham: Stop.
Pink: Isn't this fun? Aren't we having fun? This is so much fun!

Gingham: What're you going to do now?
Cinderella: Shake it off, shake it off.
Gingham: Seriously stop.
Cinderella: Why you gotta be so mean?
Pink: Guys, something's flying in!

Grandiose: I am Grandiose, Queen of the Southern fairies and I'm here to offer an exchange. Your house for a fairy house!
Pink: Fairies are real? That explains a lot!
Gingham: Wouldn't it be small for us?
Grandiose: Heard of tiny houses? Tiny is the new big!

Grandiose: My army and I will er--take you there.

Red: Sorry I'm late, did I miss anything?

Grandiose: Is that my Pegasus?

Red: Yeah, mine was napping.

Grandiose: For the tenth time, you need to ask first!

Red: As she was saying, we need to relocate you.
Grandiose: It could be a fun adventure for you all!
Pink: Did you say fun?
Gingham: Pink, don't agree to anything yet--
Pink: YES, we'll trade you!
Gingham: PINK!
Pink: She said it'd be fun!

Pink: I thought fairy homes would be more enchanting.

Pink: All three of us squished together like the three men in the tub! So fun!

Gingham: You're not making it better. I think we've been swindled.

Pink: Ken and Barbie don't even have a tiny house yet! We're gonna be trending!

Cinderella: Are we out of the woods yet?

Grandiose: This place is ginormous! There's nothing better than relaxing by a fire indoors.

Red: While watching television!

Grandiose: If only there was another channel besides Barbie's...


Red: Could you move your wing? It's tickling my face.

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