April 22, 2015

Why I Don't Write Bad Book Reviews

I talk about books a lot here ~ what I'm reading, what I'm learning and what I love. And I looooove me some books! But, I found out the hard way that I don't like writing bad book reviews. Years ago when I first shared about books here on the blog, I saw lots of people posting book reviews. They would read a book, give their review (good or bad) then grade it with some kind of scale system.

I wanted to write about books, so as a young blogger, I thought this was the way to do it. The problem was that it bored me ~ having to sum the book up, giving the pros and cons, then stamping a number on it. It took the fun out of reading. Not to mention that the bad reviews I wrote made me really uneasy. One, because I knew the author was a person with feelings and two, it felt so negative. I'd much rather talk about what I do like.

At the time, I just stopped sharing books  on the blog and that made me sad because I love books. They are a big part of my life ~ literally. I always have a book with me.

Finally I came to my senses and realized that this blog is my place in the world and I can dang well write whatever I want! So I freed myself from the self-inflicted expectation of having to write reviews and now I share conversationally about books I'm reading. I talk about what I'm learning and things I love about each book. If I don't like a book, it doesn't get mentioned ~ simple as that. It's an easy system and one I feel completely happy about!

Just in case you're wondering, I do read all kinds of reviews and I know that constructive criticism is helpful for people deciding on buying a book and maybe even for the author who might need to improve in an area. But that's just not the job I want. I'll happily talk about all the books I enjoy and share with you willingly when I think you might want to read something; but I'll keep the books I don't like hidden away in the giveaway box, and there my review will remain.

How do you feel about book reviews?

If you're a blogger, have you ever felt you had to blog about something in a certain way? How did you resolve it?


  1. I ,too am a book lover and have been since a "wee" one.I have learned over the yrs that even after reading reviews on books I am interested in, that my own opinion to myself is what counts the most. Someone who may have not liked a book may not have the same opinion as I would after reading the same book. Its about keeping an open mind.


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