April 16, 2015

ABM Photo Idea Book

I really enjoyed reading through this book. The photos are gorgeous and inspiring ~ not to mention all the fun creative tips. It's not a "learn-your-camera" book with tons of technical stuff thrown in. It's simple to understand and very motivating for taking creative daily, artistic or family photos.

Seeing Elsie and Emma's use of everyday things for styling photos and their inventive ways of including friends or hobbies in the frame got me excited to start practicing. I'm still a (very) novice photographer so this was perfect for helping me think outside the box.

I'd love to read more books like this. Any photo books you'd recommend?

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  1. I'd really like to check out this book. I've not purchased too many books myself. Mainly Percy Bysshe Shelley as I'm a HUGE fan. :D There is one young lady who's an inspiring photographer and artist. She's recently shifted to just art but if you page back through her posts or follow her on Facebook, she out right amazing. Susan Black Design. :)


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