October 10, 2012

5 Etsy Gift Ideas for a Seamstress

For the past few years, our family has tried to reduce our spending on "stuff" at Christmas time and instead focus on thoughtful gifts (like cleaning the garage, or painting a room) or handmade (something from the heart made by our own hands or picked from a quality handmade vendors). I love that Etsy is one of those places you can go to online to support handmade and to find gifts that completely fit the person you want to lavish gifts on. If there is a seamstress in your life, today's ideas are adorable. In fact, I'm so excited about them that it makes me want to sew! :)

photo by Extra Toppings

1.  This mending kit is so colorfully adorable! Something about mixed patterns and trim make me swoon! This kit by Extra Toppings is only $9.50.

2. Isn't this the cutest flower pin cushion?? I'd love to have that sitting out...if I was a seamstress (or maybe just because). It's from Evergreen Garden and is priced at $12.00.

3. Okay seriously, SO adorable! This necklace says it all, right? I mean every seamstress has to have an incredible pair of scissors. This sewing scissors necklace is by What a Novel Idea for $26.00.

photo by Chatnoir77

4. How fun is this sewing machine bookmark? Just right for all the sewing books and instructions a seamstress is bound to have. This is from Chatnoir77 priced at $14.00.

5. This is such a darling whimsical, yet classy brass sewing machine necklace! I love the colors together. It's by Cherry and Violet, priced at $25.00.

There'll be more gift ideas next Wednesday for the Knitter in your life! Last week's feature was 5 Etsy Gifts for Crafters.

Do you sew? Or are you like me, full of sewing envy?


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  2. Cool stuff. I especially like the necklace with the scissors.
    (oops I had a mistake in the first comment so I deleted it).

  3. love the little baby daisies!



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