October 11, 2012

I Forgot Who I Am

I forgot who I am. I got busy trying to find my place on the internet.  I tried on faces. After awhile, I forgot who was underneath all those layers. Now I'm taking them off. I'm looking into my soul and remembering what is there.

Just myself; little ole me.

I'm not a fashionista, or a crafty genius, or a parenting guru. I'm not skinny or athletic. I don't keep a gorgeous house or have a thriving career. I'm not at the top of a great career. I'm not a great planner. I'm not young or wrinkle-free.

I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a visionary, a searcher, a thinker. I like to put honest thoughts into the world. I'm simple and silly; I tell stories with paper and canvas. I'm messy and messed-up. I want readers to feel safe to share honestly here; so I'll start by sharing honestly first.

I'm going back to my roots. My blog will be simpler, honest; hopefully artistic and helpful too.

I hope you don't mind the shift, but even if you do, it's one I need to make. Thank you for understanding.


  1. I like it:) I understand the 'carving out your niche'issue. "Simpler, honest, artistic"...you can't go wrong;) Looking forward to reading~ xo

  2. I completely understand and LOVE your heart, honesty, & sweet spirit. I am looking forward to reading!! :)

  3. You are the sweetest. I wish I could give you a big hug and a peck on the cheek. I have always seen you here though. Maybe you are switching up here and there...but every single post has been you as I have known you.

    Big X Big O

  4. Im sure Im still going to come to visit you here :)

  5. I missed this post but seen it up on the side bar
    this space is a gift, but it can also distract us from who we are if we get caught up into thinking we need to be who we think everyone is looking for
    I come here because I find you fresh, honest with a lovely sprinkle of humour
    you are a real person living a real life
    I like that
    I like to see that, because it mirrors my life...with figure prints and all

    awesome that you recognized it!
    you rock

    love and light

  6. Was just thinking about you, Catherine, and stopped by for a visit. SO glad to run across this post--I've been feeling overwhelmed and confused for a little while now with my blog too, having a hard time overcoming the online "pressure" and just "be me." Thanks for your encouragement here! And you are beautiful, by the way! Love this photo of you :)

    1. Sadee, I've always admired the uniqueness of your blog. From the watercolored paintings to your lyrical posts, I love seeing it all! I'm thankful this was an encouragement to you.

  7. Hello Catherine, i'm really enjoying reading your blog and it's very nice to meet you! I love this post. It says it all really! good on you. I shall enjoy reading more, Heather


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