March 29, 2012

Guess Where We Went--

New York!

This was my first time; it's such a vibrant city. And contrary to what I'd heard, the people were generously kind to help us whenever we needed it. We filled each day with sightseeing and fun (thanks to my husband's ultimate planning skills). LOTS of walking. Thankfully I took my tourist tennies. And in case you don't know the Metro card works on the subway AND the buses; we didn't realize that till halfway through our trip. Ha. Here are a few of the places we visited:
It was incredible to be away with my family in such a gorgeous city. I'd love for that to happen more often. However, I think we museumed-out the kids because by the end they were moving bench to bench through the art galleries while my husband and I browsed. He teased them that it was less of a vaca-tion and more of an edu-cation. The trip did us all tremendous good but I'll admit, I'm thankful to be home. I'm a homebody after all.

In case you're wondering, I did not wear the Little Red Dress to New York. I'd set aside this week to be out of it, but I'm in it again and will resume updates next week.

Thanks to everyone who sent condolences yesterday, I appreciate all your sweet thoughts.


  1. You were in 'my' city! Next time, hit me up :) So glad you had a great time. New York is a wonderful place (and I'm not biased at all)

  2. What a fun trip! I'm so glad you were able to visit NYC, it's such a wonderful place filled with amazing energy. I hope you'll post more about it, a few stories and fave places maybe? Some of the places you visited are in my book, and I hope reading about them will bring you good memories.

  3. wow, looks like a great time! I would love to go, and check out everything too.
    it's always nice to be home. Im a homebody too.

  4. Looks like a super fun trip, but I completely understand the feeling of being glad to be home.

  5. Love the photos...looks like a great trip! (And I love to travel, but I'm a homebody too!)

  6. Wonderful! I've always wanted to go to NYC. Maybe someday. :) I am not really a homebody. I don't mind being home (and I am, a lot), but I love, love, love to travel. And when it's time to go home it's sort of like, "Already?" Probably I'm just lazy and don't like unpacking and laundry and fixing my own food again. ha ha!

  7. OOOOH I love New York soooo much. I am sure you had a blast...New York has the best pizza ever and the shows and times square...what could be better. I try and go at least once ever six month's or so. :-)

  8. Great pictures! We loved NYC when we visited. :)

  9. lol
    I WAS wondering about the little red dress through the who post : )
    looks like a lovely time away Catherine
    I have yet to find myself in New York...
    one day : )

    love and light

  10. I thought about you and wondered if you'd taken a break from your dress on vacation! Glad you had fun, but sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Praying for you!

  11. So glad you were able to go on that trip. How fun!
    (Sorry to read about your friend.)
    Play off the Page


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