April 2, 2012

Much Love Monday: Dogwood Trees

by Roland Crevier
What am I loving today?
  • This heart ring by Roland Crevier. It's whimsical and cheery, not to mention beautiful! It made me smile when I came across it on Etsy and that was good for my soul.
  • Dogwood trees sitting in white contrast to a green forest.
  • The song of birds echoing back and forth against silence.
  • Being on a retreat with friends hidden away in the woods.
  • How sleep and tender conversations have a way of putting you back on your feet.
What are you loving this Monday morning?


  1. I love that even though we had a weird snow storm yesterday, the sun is out today and it's beautiful.

  2. I love that the stinky pear trees have finally lost their reeking blossoms and are green with leaves...:-)

  3. I am loving your ring too. I want one.

    And I am loving our Kansas sunshine and breezy gentle breezes today.

    Happy Monday Catherine!

  4. Oh, I love this: "How sleep and tender conversations have a way of putting you back on your feet."

    Beautiful! Glad you are back on your feet! :)

  5. I love your loves, haha. Really, those all sound wonderful (and in the case of the ring, adorable).

    I'm loving sunshine, feeling the kids by the little one growing inside me, and a delicious refrigerator oatmeal with berries and maple syrup that I made last night. Yum. Have a great retreat!

  6. Even though it felt like Spring all winter, I'm enjoying the forsythia and dogwood blossoms too. That pop of color is so happy to come upon :)

  7. Enjoyed your list--I love dogwood white against forest green! Happy Monday to you :)

  8. Beautiful things to be surrounded by my sweet.
    Wishing you a love filled week x


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