March 28, 2012

Life Hurts

I'm glad to be back from vacation; I've missed you and reading your blogs.

But today is somber for me. On our way home yesterday we found out our dear friend's health had unexpectedly become critical and he would most likely not make it through the day. As we flew home, I hoped against hope to make it there to say goodbye. We did make it and I am thankful for that.

But I'm so heartbroken. I don't know why loss keeps taking me by surprise. I hate it.

Tomorrow I'll share more about my trip, but today, I need a moment.


  1. blessings to you Catherine as you walk through this...
    being heartbroken is a gift
    it means you have really loved
    embrace that truth and let the grief carry you to where you need to go
    don't be afraid
    grief is just another form of love

    thinking of you
    love and light

  2. So sorry to read this about your friend, but my thoughts will be with you...

  3. Oh Catherine, I'm sending you a hug.

  4. I'm so sorry Catherine. Of course you need time to mourn a beloved friend, so soon after a previous one (if I'm not mistaken). I believe grief is necessary, a transition period from not being able to see them anymore. I don't like to call it loss, since they're still in you heart. You haven't "lost" them or misplaced them exactly. I like to think our memories keep them with us. It's just so hard not to be able to physically connect with them anymore. My heart goes out to you.

  5. I'm so sorry, Catherine. Sometimes life is so filled with loss that it's hard to see the light, but it's there waiting for our hearts to mend. Hugs to you.

  6. so sorry to hear that!!
    Hopefully your friend can get through this with as little pain as possible!!
    i will keep you and your friend in my nightly prayers!!!

  7. Big hugs and sympathies Catherine.

  8. I'm so sorry about your friend. Hugs.

  9. Take your time. We're still here and will be here for you when you need to let it pour out.
    Blessings to you and those you love, Geoff.

  10. I'm so sorry Catherine!

    Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

  11. my thoughts and prayers are with all including you who knew this man
    May God comfort you and may he RIP

  12. So sorry for your loss, Catherine. Sending out healing prayers for you and your family.

  13. I'm sorry to read this Catherine, and am glad you were able to spend time with your friend. Wishing you and your friend's family peace at this sad time.

  14. Sweet Catherine. You have my deepest sympathies. So good you were able to say good-bye to your dear friend. Wrapping my arms around you and wishing you comfort in the days to follow. Love!

  15. Catherine, I'm so sorry about your friend. I think loss ALWAYS takes us by surprise, even when we try to prepare for it. I'm so, so sorry! :(


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