February 28, 2012

Little Red Dress: Days 1-7

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
If you'd like to know why I'm wearing the same dress everyday, see this post.

This has been a good first week. I was all pumped at first and feeling invigorated, but by the weekend, it waned a bit. I felt self-conscious at my son's basketball game wondering if people were noticing my repetitive wardrobe. Started avoiding people to keep from being asked questions and when I caught anyone looking at me unawares, I assumed it was my dress. It was at the end of these unrealistic thoughts that I realized I was TOTALLY SELF-ABSORBED.

Lesson one: It's not all about you.

To add emphasis to that point, when we were driving home I mentioned something about my experiment. Puzzled, my son said I hadn't told him what it was, so I filled him in. He looked surprised and said, "You've been wearing that since Wednesday?"

So much for people noticing...

Check out days 8-14 here.


  1. You've done a lot with the little red dress. I've been thinking about this. I wear some variation of black pants three or four times a week and no one ever seems to notice. I think people notice us less than we think they do.

  2. I like the look with the leggings, it's a fun outfit. I think you chose a really versatile piece to accomplish your goal, too. It's so easy, and interesting, to see the different directions you can take this.

  3. I find this experiment amazing. What better way to walk in someone else's shoes than literally doing it? You're rad. I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of this journey.

  4. I love #3. I think it suits your character, well, at least your blogger character! ;-)

  5. At first I thought I was going to be disappointed...NO BOOTS...and then I saw picture 7. :)

  6. awesome Catherine!!!
    love the different looks
    I love your reflections as well...how much we think people notice when in truth they don't have a clue...I think we all can admit to the self absorbed attitude!
    Your son's reaction cracked me up, that would so be my boys
    I don't wear much makeup if any and one day I lathered it on and no one said a thing!!!
    At dinner I mentioned it and they were both wondering what was "wrong" with my face lol
    gotta love kids!

    love and light

  7. Love it, Catherine!

    So, where did the dress go with the black sweater and pants? *g* Curious minds want to know these things.

    I never would have thought one dress or one color could be so versatile. I was wrong. You look awesome in all of them, btw! I am so very impressed with your goal. What a great lesson... for all involved!

  8. Scarlett, that day I had tons of errands, the biggest one being the grocery store. Sorry that's a rather lame answer for your curious minds. :)

  9. No wonder your son didn't realize you were wearing the same dress! Your outfits are so varied. This is amazing! And it's giving me ideas about how to spruce (is that correct word usage?) up some things I already own.

    I'm hooked now! I can't wait to see more pictures : ]

  10. its amazing how many dif. ways you can wear that.
    I think we always feel more self conscious, than people are aware of!

  11. This is such a wonderful idea! And you are looking so cute every single day!

  12. All of these are fabulous! This first week teaches a great lesson.

  13. It looks very versatile, and I don't think I would have noticed either...other than a vague notion that you liked the color red. There was a girl at my high school who wore the same dress to school every day of her senior year. (she was protesting the dress code...which I no longer remember, but I do remember her statement.)


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