March 7, 2012

Little Red Dress Days 8-14

Day 8
Day 9
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Day 12
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Day 14
Second week of the Little Red Dress experiment went by faster than the first one. Maybe I'm just getting accustomed to wearing it, like a student gets used to a school uniform.  I've been pretty careful about eating while wearing it, but one morning I spilled coffee down the front on my way out the door. I wiped it up, but of course didn't have any time to wash it and I couldn't change. It was a pivotal moment for me. It made me see how ungrateful I am for something as simple as a change of clothes.

Doing this experiment has made me more careful with my clothes. I hang my dress up immediately after wearing it without dropping it on the dresser or laying it on a chair. I make sure I take it promptly out of the dryer so it won't be wrinkled. I cover myself with a napkin or apron while eating or drinking (especially after the coffee spill) and make sure it's protected while I'm cooking. Although I've done my best to take care of it, there are already a few stains and I'm only into week two.

I feel humbled every time I begin to feel self-conscious and remember that many people have no choice.

If you'd like to know more about the Little Red Dress experiment go here. Or check out Days 1-7.

Little Red Dress experiment Days 15-21


  1. You're doing it!! I love it as a duster/jacket. Great job!

  2. wow! I am so inspired by this!
    I cant imagine only having one outfit.
    this experiment is really eye opening!
    ps, i really love the first look!

  3. I love how you're mixing up all these different styles. What a very cool project.

  4. Loving all the different looks you're coming up with!

    This is amazing, Catherine. It really makes me think about all I take for granted. I appreciate that. :)

  5. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that you are doing this. It's brave and inspiring. Funny how I call you brave for doing it, when the point is that many women around the world do this everyday without choice. How lucky so many of us are. Puts things into perspective.

    And you look fantastic!

  6. looking good
    love how your dressing it up

  7. I will read the article you link to - but love the idea. I know every morning when I get up I wish I had a work uniform - I hate having to think of what to wear each morning. In SA all children regardless of where they go to school wear uniforms - and schools are very strict. For the poorer communities it is a great responsibility to be able to provide your child with a school uniform - . You are very creative and I can see you are having fun!

  8. Love Day 12, Catherine!

    So impressed you're sticking with it! Such a fantastic test of your resolve, patience and humility.

    Much LOVE!

  9. This is such an amazing idea!! I love seeing all the different ways you've worn just one dress and I can understand how humbling it must be to realise how disposable clothing has become nowadays.

  10. I've just read the original post and I love what you're doing. I also think it's very brave! Looking at the photographs, you have managed to make it look pretty different which is great. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this experiment.


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