March 14, 2012

Little Red Dress Days 15 - 21

Day 15
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Day 17
Day 18
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Day 20
Day 21
This week the Little Red Dress got it's first battle scar; a tiny rip at the corner of one pocket. I had to mend it best I could (I'm only slightly competent at that sort of thing). I couldn't help thinking how it's only been three weeks and I already have a tear. I've been washing my dress on delicate cycle and drying only lightly before hanging it up. I'm careful about what I do in the dress, which I suppose anyone would be if it was all they had.

I can't imagine a child wearing the same thing day after day, the wear and tear must be triple. But then, I suppose if you knew the value of your clothes, you would be more careful. Kind of like we teach children about carrying a glass or something breakable. They learn to be delicate. I've tried to be careful with the Little Red Dress, but when I think of it, it's probably not the I-won't-have-anything-else-to-wear-if-I-ruin-this careful. It's sobering when I think of that.

Lesson three: Having only one garment is a burden.

I guess I should've known that, but this dress has felt like Frodo's ring this week--heavy and burdensome. I lost some of my creativity because I just didn't have the heart for it. It's embarrassing to admit because it emphasizes how spoiled I am--that aspect of this experiment has been painfully evident. And each time I want to whine and complain, I feel this prick in my heart of how I still have a choice. Even now, I could give this dress away and have no worries about it. BUT, there are those who can't; and I'm beginning to understand I don't have a clue of what that's like.

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  1. I'm enjoying the way you find ways to change up the look of one dress ... It's amazing how many looks you can sneak out of it. You're looking a little punky in Day 20!

  2. This is such a cool experiment. I keep saying that. I'm sad I missed your party on Monday (darn work/job thang) Going off to check out what I missed.

  3. love all the lessons you are learning - what an insightful project.

  4. This is such an amazing project! I so admire you for doing this. You're doing a wonderful thing and helping us all to think twice about the things we take for granted. Great job, and still looking cute! :)

  5. My favorite is a tie between 17 and 20. :)

  6. Only have one or two outfits is why so there are so many little kids running around in nothing but their underwear (if that) in many countries.=) Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. This and the above is from Dr. Tim's wife- forgot to switch accounts.=)

  8. You look really pretty in red and black.

  9. looking good!!!!!!!!!!

    groovy gumboots

    and rather clever in day 20 thought for a mo youd cut it

  10. Oh, Catherine!

    I know my mother grew up with very little in her drawer. She was one of seven children raised in a modest home in the hills of Kentucky. The girls didn't have more than one dress, until they were old enough to earn their own money. The utmost care was taken, and expected, for everything from shoes to toothbrushes.

    Your "little" experiment is a lesson to us all! Each of your pictures tell a story, through your smile, your fun goldie locks that fall in front of your eyes when you're looking down at your feet, your unique imagination day after day after day, and your honest humility.

    I'm so glad I stopped in to see your face today!

    Love! Scarlett

  11. You are a magician! I enjoy seeing your fashion pics and reading about what this experiment is teaching you.


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