March 15, 2012

In the Mail

I love getting packages in the mail! This week I received a gorgeous shell necklace from The Lady Waits that I won in a giveaway she had a little bit back. It's lovely and I can't wait to fancy up the Little Red Dress with it.
I also received this print (also a giveaway--I'm having a lucky streak) from Cat at Love and Light. I absolutely LOVE the ocean. I've never lived near it, but we vacationed at the beach fairly often growing up so I have happy memories of it. The waves relax me in a way nothing else can. This picture will be hanging nearby because simply gazing at it refreshes me.

Thanks ladies!

Any fun packages in your mailbox lately?


  1. Your mailbox had a beach-theme this week ... seashells and the sea. What a great combination. There's no place like a beach, standing at the edge of the sea.

  2. Fun prizes! I've received a few fun ARCs in the mail this week, but that's it. No pretty bling. :)

  3. Just received notice that your awesome print of "Coffee Break" is coming soon. Other than that, I got my shipment of printer ink.

  4. What a cute shell necklace!

    Hmm...I guess the most recent fun package I received contained three copies of the magazine that had my published article in it. That was cool!

  5. Congrats on your wins!! Lovely!

    I sort of won a signed Cassandra Clare book (Clockwork Prince--someone else technically won first, but they never claimed it, so I got it!). AND I have your lovely print and cards to look forward to in the mail! :)

  6. Gorgeous stuff! Lucky you! :)

    I won some Garbage Pail Kid cards from Janet. ha ha! Now THAT'S lucky!


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