February 29, 2012

12 Skills in 12 Months: February Round-Up

For February, my focus was organizing. Multiple bags of clothes, shoes, jewelry and even some craft supplies were given away.  The bathroom, jewelry box, closet, studio and part of the kitchen are all more orderly. I didn't get many before shots because I kept starting projects at night without good lighting. But here are a few places that were transformed.

Now I feel ready for Spring!

Next up, the skill for March is drawing. I'm looking forward to this!
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  1. Drawing sounds like a fun one ... It'll be interesting to see how your perspective on things around you might change when you draw them on the page.

  2. I think it would take me a full year just to organize my closet!

    You r awesome!


  3. Oh organizing... I go in spurts and whirlwinds of organization fits. At those moments I think I scare anyone around me. But they are so far and few in between that they may just be surprised, haha.

    Good for you for organizing. I'm planning on doing some spring cleaning myself, very soon....

  4. I love that you are focusing on a skill a month! I need to copy you on the organization thing. Organized spaces just make me happy. :)

  5. There is nothing like spring organizing to give one a fresh approach to everything. Great job!!! ;-)

  6. i have been organizing a lot too!!
    it feels good, doesnt it?


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