November 16, 2011

Try Something New

A few weeks back, the doctor called with concerns about my health. Fortunately they were easy fixes, but it got my attention. Not long after that I found Amanda's blog challenge which encouraged me to start walking again.

Two problems:
1. It's cold outside.
2. I'm really good at making excuses.

So I tricked myself.

Instead of walking outside, I started walking inside. Not in a gym but in my house. I have a circular layout and it affords me the smallish but amiable space to circle around until my time is up. I put on my earphones and warn the kids to stay out of my path (which they're really good at). Now I have no excuses.  Rain? I can walk.  Snow? I can walk. Kids fighting too much to leave alone? I can walk. Heck, I can walk in pajamas if I want to.

I'm outsmarted.  I've set up a system without a life boat to jump ship.


And ironically walking inside has led me to notice things I'd been overlooking:
A book I'd lost sitting in the bookshelves.
Artwork from 30 years ago hanging on the walls.
The sweet faces of my children as they work close-by.

It's given me a warmth, a renewal of gratefulness for the things I love.  I finish my walk inspired for the day and ready to accomplish whatever the morning holds for me.

What about you?  Have you tried something new lately?


  1. You are very inventive - I love how you haven't given yourself any excuses to walk. I do go to gym - I'm really tight with money so it forces me to get my monies worth or else I'd do nothing. I'm still a bit confused how your house is circular - trying to work that one out - I'm thinking rondeval?

  2. I work out at a health club, so weather is never an issue for me. However I was always skipping my Friday afternoon workouts, so I started going during lunch instead and that's worked so far. Gotta keep that blood moving! :)

  3. Clare, ha, maybe that was an unusual way to put it. My main rooms all open into each other so that I can make a circle through them down the hallway and back around to the first room. Does that make sense?

    Hope that didn't confuse you more.

  4. I think that is great! Talk about dedication & not giving yourself an "out." It feels so good, right?? I actually have recently started eating a mainly vegan diet (for health reasons). I LOVE it!! I feel a zillion times better, have lost some stubborn weight, and have more energy. :)

  5. Catherine, well done to you, I hope your on the mend, it is so important to make the challenge work for you its also great to see what comes out of it and the things we notice on the way, I am looking forward to another week of revelation and inspiration. Stay blessed, Amanda

  6. It's a great start. I recently gave up my gym membership--tighter times and all, but, like you, I've found other ways to exercise. I teach school, so I've worked out some simple routines that take me out to the gym for a few minutes a day. Of course when it's warm enough outside is best.


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