November 15, 2011

Interview with Photographer & Ghost Hunter: Paul Bradford

Photo Paul Bradford
When did you begin doing photography?
I've always had a creative streak, but photography really began for me in high school. I studied both Art & Design and Photography at advanced level. After leaving school I started work at a portrait study in London, however that career choice was short lived and I ended up working in retail. Photography then became more a hobby of mine.

What's the most fascinating subject you've ever shot?
I've been lucky enough to travel the world, see amazing things and experience many different cultures. While travelling I snap away, seeing beauty in the strangest of places. For me to choose one thing is very difficult, I've witnessed a rainbow at night while in New Zealand (something that is extremely rare, it is actually called a Moonbow) , in Malaysia I found some strange cocoon that was completely reflective like a mirror, so much so that I saw myself in its reflection. In Trinidad I witnessed hundreds of bats, swooping down to the water, catching small fish. There's so many other things which I've photographed and documented that I've either placed in my book "Wish you were here" or will be in the next book that I'm currently working on.

Photo Paul Bradford
You've traveled extensively, where is your favorite place?
Again, its difficult to choose one place, one of the advantages of travelling with Ghost Hunters International is that we do end up in the strangest of places, locations off the beaten track. But one place that does stand out is Belize I saw some of the most amazing things there. A Mayan Cave with fossilised skeletal remains, rock formations that have taken hundreds of years to form, a river than ran throughout, 20ft deep in some places. I think one of the real challenges was getting my camera equipment in to the cave without it getting wet and damaged. As well as the fact I was so far underground that there was no light at all, so any photography I took required a lot of creativity.

If money were no problem, where would you vacation next?
You know what, as silly as it sounds, I would just like to take my family to Orlando for the week. Visit Disney world and Universal studios. I'm hoping one day for that to happen, money is however always the deciding factor. But to see the face of my daughter when she meets Mickey mouse for the first time, see the Islands of adventure that is a picture that would put the rest of mine to shame, but one that I wouldn't want to miss for the world.

Photo Paul Bradford
Do your other interests/hobbies cross over into your photography?
I think the Ghost Hunting is probably the major crossover, I mean if not for the show I wouldn't have had the chance to visit the places I've been to, seen the sights I've seen or witnessed the wonders of the world. It truly is an amazing planet with some of the most incredible things to see.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I have both a book and calendar available for purchase and I'm currently working on a second book, I've a handful of signed copies of my first, which can be purchased directly from me, anyone interested can email me at the book is $25 the Calendar is $20. You can also purchase them at Changed on 11/19/22 to show correct web address)

Read about Paul's Doctor Who fascination here.

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  1. Wow! Those photos are incredible -- the color!!!

    He's been everywhere. Bet Malaysia was really something!

    (Hope your speaking engagement went well!)

  2. So cool! I used to love watching Ghost Hunters International!

    Sounds like this would be a great book. That reflective cocoon is something else, and I really want to see the Moonbow!

    Thanks for linking up again, Catherine. Hope you all are doing well!

  3. Enjoyed this, thanks. And thanks for visiting my blog. As for blog interviews, yes, I do them, but perhaps sometime in the spring would be better timing. Ask again then?

  4. Nice photos, I especially like the use of color.

  5. Wow, those photos are incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the comments and the wonderful questions.

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