November 14, 2011

Much Love Monday: Inspiration Wire

What I'm loving today:
  • My inspiration wire.  I've been meaning to show it to you for awhile.  It's ever changing.  Hanging on this section is a Kelly Rae Roberts magnet, a "soar"ing quote, red dress, and carefree swinging.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean symphony.  Arr, it was phenomenal!
  • The Rhythm of Family by Amanda Blake Soule with Stephen Soule.
  • That I survived my talk for the fundraiser. ;)
  • $5 Dollar Dinners.
What are you loving today?


  1. I like the idea of that inspiration wire. It's nice to surround ourselves with objects and ideas to motivate the muse. I'm currently loving the new writing project I'm immersed in :)

  2. Cool inspiration wire! :-)

  3. Love the wire!
    So glad you survived your talk ; )

    Today I am loving that it is a day off of school and the sun is shining!

    love and light

  4. I'm loving Monday morning coffee, reading day in my classes, and blogs like yours. :)

  5. Love the wire and love that it's always changing! A great idea!

  6. Yay! What a happy post. :)

    I'm loving that it's my son's 8th birthday and my husband decorated the most awesome cake for him. I think I've found a new way to do teamwork with my husband-- I'll make it taste good, he'll make it look good. :)



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