January 28, 2010

Inherited Gift?

I've discovered something about my eldest daughter, she inherited a unique gift from me.  No, we're not supermodel tall.  We don't have enormous feet.  Or curly hair.  Simply put, our gift is a knack for falling down at the worst times.

I once spilled in front of an entire football team waiting in the lobby.  There was nothing to trip on, but my shoe slid out from under me and there I was doing the splits with athletes looking on.  I tried to laugh it off and spouted something about calling me Grace.  No one laughed.  No one.  You'd think the sight of me strewn across the floor would've set them off but they must've just lost a game or something.  Perhaps they were used to girls falling around them.

My daughter recently spilled in front of a professional ice hockey team.  Professionals.  She one-upped me.  These guys at least chuckled and asked if she was okay.  They hadn't played their game yet.

When it comes to blog awards I tend to fall down.  (Like that segway?) I INTEND to give these precious gems away and gush over my sweet awarders but something happens and I trip.  I never quite make it to the finish line.  I've spent hours trying to figure out which awards you guys DON'T have but never get my list finished.  So, I'm going to try something different. 

If you are reading this, you are someone I consider a friend (yes, even if you lurk) and because of that you deserve an award.  I'm going to hold out a grab bag of awards and I want you to take one.  (I'm not asking, I'm telling.  Yes, I'm bossy.)  Kind of like picking out a toy from a brown paper sack.  Except there's no sack.  And you don't get a toy.

Side note: Even though I talk big there really is no pressure to take awards if you prefer to keep your blog award-free.  I won't be mad.  Not really.

Without further ado, here are your choices:

First up is the Superior Scribbler Award given to me by Mary who is hilarious and warmly honest.

Second is Kreative Blogger Award given to me by Natalie who writes heartfelt thoughts, stirring questions and helpful writerly tips.

Third is Circle of Friends Award given to me by Mary Anne who takes awesome photos and shares from her soul.

Fourth is the Silver Lining Award given to me by Shelli who gives valuable marketing advice and incredible links.

Fifth is the Over the Top Award given to me by Kristin Rae who's thoughts from weight loss to writing tips keep me coming back for more.

There's your grab bag.  Reach in and pull out your prize.  I love you all!


  1. Wow, you're popular and I know what you mean about awards. They're awesome, but hard to remember what's what.

  2. "Except there's no sack. And you don't get a toy." LOL

    Thanks for the awards **Scoops into the imaginary toyless bag and grabs a bunch of awards**

    j/k :)

  3. Whoa! That's quite a collection you have there, Catherine. Congratulations on all of them. :-)

  4. Patti, lol. Well, it's been over many months. I'm just THAT behind.
    Void, you can take them all! :)
    Shannon, I was backlogged. :) Thanks.

  5. My momma taught me never to take anything that didn't belong to me. So, I'll pass on the awards...but I'll accept the friendship. :)

  6. I can't believe those guys didn't even ask you if we're alright. Geez - talk about full of themselves. Anyway I fall too or trip more like - usually I can stay standing, but I have fallen a few times while carrying children and the I'm always twisting at weird angles trying to keep the children from getting hurt.
    Congrats on all of your awards.

  7. DL, I think accepting friendship sets you up for the "Circle of Friends" award.
    Mary, I KNOW! Glad to know I'm not the only one tripping. Over things. Tripping over things.

  8. For me, just to know that you have visited my blog and left a comment is award enough. I value your friendship and realy enjoy reading your blog. Keep on blogging, you are loved.

  9. I would've laughed if I saw you fall. (But not meanly :) ) I'm glad your daughter got some acknowledgment.

    Congratulations on all your awards, and I am going to let you keep them...because I'm terrible about thanking awarders and passing them on as well. I want to, but the clock keeps moving and...you get the idea :) It's a joy to visit your blog and to see your comments.

  10. Sarah, I would've been happy to have SOMEONE laugh. And thank you. :)


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