January 29, 2010

Overcoming Rejection

Rejections stink, don't they?  As instructive as they can be, I'm sick of them.  Yet my stack keeps growing.  I thought of throwing the hated things away, but something felt wrong about it. Papering my walls with them sounded depressing. So I made this instead:

Art inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts

Allowing you to read them made me a little nervous, but it's growth for me.  I'm not ashamed anymore; they've become my banner of moving forward.  And if anything I hope it encourages you that you're not alone.  Take THAT rejection!

How do you overcome rejection (or the fear of it)?


  1. Oh, I don't think you can overcome it. It's just a matter of acceptance. And no matter what, it doesn't get any easier -- and I've been rejected about a million times. So yeah. I accept it and move on.

    But making art of it looks pretty great, too! Beautiful job.

  2. Wow, that's really cool. You are so artistic!

    As for getting over it... eh, I think it will always suck, but we just have to move on and trudge through it.

    Keep it up!!!!

  3. Elana, yeah rejection will always be there and it'll always hurt. So maybe acceptance is a better word.
    Voidwalker, thanks. Trudging always reminds me of Frodo and Sam in Lord of the Rings. Kind of like an adventure.

  4. What a beautiful pic of turning lemons into lemonade! I LOVE the art!! and love the thought of overcoming what feels defeating. I remember a saying "One more no closer to a yes." ;)

  5. Heartsjoy, oh yes, I remember that saying. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  6. What a beautiful way to vent frustration and say to Rejection: "You are not going to get me down. I will keep writing and creating!" This post inspired me today!! Thank you! :D

  7. I think were I to undertake such a project I would always only see the negative, it's how I roll, I guess. These, however, turned out beautifully! Good job :)

  8. I LOVE what you did with your letters. You made them whimsical and beautiful and now I kind of want to steal them from you and hang them on my wall.

  9. Yes, rejection does stink, and it doesn't stop stinking.
    Lovely art though! I bet that was therapeutic. No worries, we can't actually read what was said, but it's probably very similar to what we've all gotten.

    One day the offer will come, one day...

  10. This is so perfect and brave of you to share it with us. I haven't queried anything yet and I fear the pain but it's nice to know I can recycle my future rejections into something so beautiful.

    "Keep moving forward." My favorite Meet the Robinsons motto.

  11. Cat ~

    I have a character in one of my novels who is constantly asking girls out of his league on dates, and being turned down. It becomes a running joke with his friends. But he never shows any outward sign of disappointment or depression...always returning with a smile on his face. When one of his buddies(the MC) asks him why he subjects himself to the torture, my character responds by saying - "I'll never meet the girl of my dreams if I don't look for her. Why would I be hurt by the ones that say no? They weren't her."

    Silly, but very true. The one for you is still out there waiting.

  12. I have only been rejected two times...because I only submitted to two magazines! Funny thing is...everytime I see those mags in the store I feel angry at them! Totally irrational I know! Not sure I can be vewry objective in this writing biz!

  13. I am awed by what you did. I think making art of them is an excellent way to transform them into something beautiful and hopeful.

  14. i hate to say this - but that is gorgeous! way tomake something positive out of something that sux! :) hang in there!!! dont' give up.

  15. What a wonderful way to express that rejection is all part of the creative experience. I once read about a cartoonist who wallpapered his bathroom with rejection letters! Remember J.K. Rowling was rejected numerous times. :)
    (Beautiful blog by the way).

  16. Valerie, I'm so thrilled you saw it that way and that it inspired you!
    Butterfly, I can see how it could remind you of the negative. lol But for me this was like, "I painted over you! You can't keep me down." So good to hear from you!
    Sarah, I'd totally make you one. I'd even make them over your rejections if you had any.
    Elle, it WAS therapeutic. I think I'll do an art piece for every ten I get. Maybe it'll help me keep going.
    GWOE, awww, thank you! And yes, definitely recycle those rejections into art (although I hope you don't any).
    DL, thank you for that great story and encouragment.
    Brenda, lol I know that feeling. Keep trying. I've received many more rejections than acceptances but I HAVE had acceptances. Those magazines don't hate you. :)
    Tricia, thank you! I was needing hope.
    Shelli, I'm glad you said it and I'm grateful you feel that way! Thank you, I won't give up.

  17. Wow, that's so cool! You're very creative! I wish I had done something like that with mine, but I just tossed them. Oh well, there's an idea for next time.

  18. Mel, it's funny I never seem to remember how my favorite authors started out. It's so easy to forget they got rejections too. Thanks for the reminder!

  19. Kimberly, absolutely an idea for next time. (Even though I hope you won't have a next time.)

  20. I think you've found a fabulous way of dealing with rejection - I may have to try that. Love the painting!

  21. Oh Tinker, that means so much coming from you!!


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