November 11, 2009

My Main Character's Doomed!

I'm 17,000 words in.  I'm not re-doing.  Perhaps sleep would restore my creativity (the ultimate procrastination).

I froze this time last November.  What is it about the second week of NaNoWriMo that makes my brain cease to work? 

My main character's stuck in a precarious predicament and I have no idea how to get him out.  Poor little MC, he's doomed!

Must.  Get.  More.  Coffee.


  1. Sometimes when I get stumped, it's because I've wandered off in the wrong direction. Can you back up and find a spot where you felt like things were going really well?

    BTW, what genre are you doing and define "doomed"?

  2. Hmmm, possibly.

    My genre is middle-grade fantasy. The MC's doomed as in, he's underground and highly claustraphobic trying to retrieve the lost item that will help him overcome his adversary when...bam! Adversary is there (and much more powerful). How does he get out? The only "powers" he has at this point of the story is running fast (but the adversary could outdo him) and smarts. But alas...I can't think of anything SMART to do! lol

    So maybe your idea of backing up would be wise.

  3. Hm. What did you do? Back up or come up with something smart or both?

  4. I backed up, but couldn't figure out how to change directions so I saved my little MC with something corny. LOL I figure now is not the time to obsess. I'll leave that to December when I can fix it with all my winter clarity.


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