November 10, 2009

Crazy Killer Driver

Every morning at the crosswalk (I'm the guard), I watch this one crazy lunatic driver speed in.  She passes all the other cars--barely missing most--and screeches to a stop at the front door.  She's almost side-swiped too many cars to count. 

A few days ago, I stopped her and had a talk.  She was very agreeable and told me she'd be more careful.

But this morning she outdid herself.

Two pedestrians were walking across the parking lot.  She raced in at about 50mph.  I don't think she even saw them.  She SWERVED to miss one lady and almost HIT the other one.  It was SO CLOSE!! 

I am done with her recklessness.  I'm calling the police.  Tomorrow morning I want them waiting for her.


  1. Wow. That is so scary. The other day in our school zone, I saw one of the short buses doing easily double the speed limit IN a school zone. It was so bizarre.

  2. That's awful. A bus driver should definitely be concerned about safety.


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