November 12, 2009

Crosswalk Police, Grandma and Writing

I called the police about the crazy maniac driver.  They came to the school and sat in an out-of-way place fully hidden.  I was so excited that someone else would see this!  Then she came barreling up the side street where I could see her but they couldn't.  She almost ran the stop sign except a van cut her off.  She paused--long enough to spot the police.  UGH!  So she drove slow, staying in line and behaved herself.  I don't know whether to be frustrated or grateful.  Maybe she'll drive better knowing there COULD be policemen sitting there waiting. 

I can hope.

On a happier Grandmother is here for a visit.  My sister, uncle and I take turns watching her for a week every third month so my parents can have a break every month.  My Grandmother is such a sweet person.  Having her here reminds me of fudge, gum in cookie jars and great stories.  She doesn't talk much anymore but I can sometimes get her started when I bring up a memory from the past.  I hope I'll be as pleasant and peaceful as her someday.

Still working on my manuscript situation and trying not to worry that I'm behind on my NaNoWriMo word count.  Still, as challenging as it can be, I won't lie...I love the thrill of it.


  1. I hate that! This last summer, I had the rare joy of seeing someone, who'd slammed by me on the freeway driving like a complete maniac, pulled over by a cop. The vindication was awesome.

    I hope you have a good visit with your grandmother.

  2. Sweet. That should happen more often.

    And thank you. We've had great time to visit today while the kids are at school.

  3. You are so lucky to have that time with your grandmother. While I was going through high school and college I didn't visit with my grandmother much and then she was taken my Alzheimer’s for the next fifteen years. Just another regret as a teenager.

  4. I know that regret. I had it with my father-in-law.

    My Grandmother has Alzheimer's too but she is still functioning and at least remembering me even if she can't remember a lot of other things.

    Thanks for the reminder to cherish this time.


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