June 28, 2017

Travel: Staycation Airbnb

We stayed at this adorable airbnb downtown to celebrate our kids being out of school and the beginning of summer. It was the weekend of Mayfest, an art festival in Tulsa every year, and we decided to do a staycation rather than travel. We love doing this periodically to explore our city. Staying somewhere new helps us feel "away" enough to enjoy our vacation, but less expensive and time consuming than leaving town.

(I love the peeling wallpaper in the bathroom! But if I tried that, it would just look unfinished. How do they make it look so good?!)

The first night it rained really hard so we weren't able to make the festival, but we stayed indoors playing cards and snacking. The living room had a record player with local artists on vinyl that we really enjoyed! It encouraged impromptu dance parties. Sometimes a rainy night spend indoors is the best connector for a family of five.

Saturday we spent our day at the festival drooling over beautiful art and eating horrible but delicious festival food.

It was a great start to summer break!

Have you ever stayed at an airbnb? Do you like stay-cations?


  1. What a darling place! So good to see you and your family's sweet faces, sounds like you had a sweet time together! :)


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