June 26, 2017

July Challenge: Get Up, Move!

Who's up for a new challenge? I love a good one. There's something invigorating about choosing an experiment with a time limit and stretching myself to complete it. It's usually in the nerd category (read 52 books in a year) or a minimalist one (wear only 10 items). But lately I've been seeing a need to push myself physically. I am not gifted with athletic abilities; at least I don't think so, but I've never worked too hard to find out.

I'd like to take the summer to incorporate more movement in my day. I'm not going to marathon level, but just more consistent exercise. Less sitting, more moving!

I've found that my favorite forms of exercise are yoga, walking and hiking. While hiking only happens occasionally, yoga and/or walking could be pursued daily.

So here's the plan, if you wanna join in, I'm going to do this 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adriene from YouTube starting July 1st. Yes, I know that's a Saturday, but I think it's good to start on a slow day.

That may not sound like much to you exercise gurus out there, but for us couch potatoes, this is big! I believe in starting small so I can succeed. It will encourage me to continue adding more healthy habits to my routine with a few successes under my belt.

I plan to combine exercising with something that's already in my routine. For me, that helps it morph into a habit. I'm thinking I'll do it while my coffee is brewing. Starting the coffee pot is a pretty solid habit, so it'd just be redirecting myself to the yoga mat instead of sitting down browsing Instagram.

How do you fit movement into your day? Do you prefer it to be solitary or a social? Do you want to do the challenge with me? 

I'll be posting my progress along the way on Instagram under the hashtag #GetUpMove2017, join me there if you like and we can encourage each other! I'll also be posting about my progress here weekly.

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