April 21, 2014

Weekend Photos

We've had a rough go here at the Denton house. It feels like we're living our own version of the movie, The Money Pit. But the weekend was brightened with a happy discovery of a Boba Tea shop near us! (How did we not KNOW this??)

Each person got their own version of a one word description on the Boba tea lids and weirdly (in my opinion) they described each one well. Here are a few of them:

This beautiful dogwood bloom is from the garden of my dear brother-in-law-and-sister-in-law's garden. It was a perfect way to relax on Easter.

I hope your week is off to a good start. Mine's off to a super busy one, but it'll feel good to have everything done in the end.

Wishing you a happy Monday!

April 18, 2014

Unplanned Adventures

Excuse me for being a little MIA lately; we've been on an unplanned adventure for the last two weeks. We had sudden major problems with our house and hefty repairs had to be made. Because of that, I haven't been able to blog as regularly as I'd like.

On the upside, it's made me grateful for all the little things I take for granted daily ~ like running water.

I just wanted to check in and say hello. I'm hoping to get some posts scheduled for next week, but if not, you'll know why.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

April 11, 2014

What's Your Single Motivating Purpose?

What's your single motivating purpose?

I'm not asking what you do for a living or even what you do in life. But what drives you to do the things you do? Whatever it is, it often makes you giddy; or leaves you with a sense that you accomplished what you're here on earth to do.

I've been listening to a podcast by Internet Business Mastery describing how to uncover your single motivating purpose. It challenged me to think through what motivates me.

As I tried to consider what it might be, I thought about things that light me up. I absolutely love to learn. I eternally have a new book, podcast, article or post I'm gleaning from and I love sharing that information with others when it applies to their life. It's not just sharing information (although that's really fun for me) but when it applies to a problematic situation and helps someone is when it feels most aligned.

After spending a weekend obsessing thinking about what my single motivating purpose might be, I finally concluded it was this:

I love to teach and inspire people to grow and move forward in their lives (spiritually, creatively and practically).

It's not that I think I'm an expert or that I know everything, but sharing and connecting what I've learned to help people overcome problems is when I feel most alive. When the information I have, can be used to further someone in their life, whether through growth or inspiration, or whatever; I feel as though I've done what I'm here to do.

What lights you up and motivates you? Have you ever thought about your single motivating purpose? 

If not, I'd highly recommend listening to this podcast. Understanding your single motivating purpose helps in daily life because you can see what things you may be doing that do not pursue your purpose. It's helped me see things I needed to delegate to others whose purpose falls more in line with those activities.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

April 3, 2014

Five April Goals

Last month I finished almost everything on my goal list except opening my shop. I've had some glitches in getting the downloadable files up to the quality that I want. So my little shop has been delayed. But hopefully it will be remedied soon and I'll get to throw a launch party.

Doing these monthly goals makes me happy so I'm continuing in April. Here are my five April goals:

1.  Have coffee on the porch and enjoy Spring.

2.  Paint a super-secret gift for a super-special friend.

3.  Listen to three encouraging and/or inspiring podcasts.

4.  Send a postcard to a friend.

5.  Enjoy a girl's night out.

What are you hoping to do in April?

{See March's goals here and May's goals here}