August 6, 2014

Engaging in Life this Summer

While I don't usually love summer weather, I do love the break from busier months. I love the slower pace, the quiet mornings (while my kids sleep in), the no-rush-to-get-anywhere kind of days. It's deliciously simple.

I often plan on getting oogles done around the house and in the yard during the summer, but I never achieve half of it. I'm learning to be okay with that. I'll probably have time after my kids leave the nest to work on that stuff.

For now, I'm soaking up the savory days of summer and trying to make sure I'm totally engaged. We've had a whole lot more time to hang out as a family and talk and ponder deep thoughts, as well as laugh deep belly laughs.

I want to remember this well. I'm trying to take at least one picture a day to remind myself of what this season was like, but I don't want my goal to be the pictures. I want to engage in each moment, each very precious, tender moment.

Have you see this video about the five year old girl crying for how cute her little baby brother is and not wanting him to grow up? It's precious. I'll admit, I cried with her. I know that feeling of thinking it'll all be over too soon and you don't want the beauty of this season to be gone. But I've found that all the other seasons are just as beautiful. There's heartbreak and brilliance to be found in them all.

So I'm attempting to stay completely engaged and relish each little moment of adventure and quietness.

How's your summer going? What are you engaged in?


  1. I'm engaged in life, here, too - with my precious extended family I don't get to see often enough. I'm holding my twin nephews as much as possible and enjoying conversations with my sister-in-love. Enjoying the sounds of cousins playing happily together and of my crazy kids screaming for joy when Grampa and Grammie walk through the door from work. Working hard not to press too far forward, although what's ahead keeps trying somehow, impossibly to push its way into today. Becoming reacquainted with the Gospel and enjoying reading and soaking it in. This small time is a precious season. I've taken lots of pictures, too, in an effort to capture sweet, rare memories. :)

    1. Janine, those are such beautiful moments to engage in! It's so good you're soaking it all up. :)


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