August 8, 2014

5 Movies I Want to See

1. Begin Again
Same director as Once? Oh yeah, I'll be watching this one.

2. Chef
This looks like a feel-good-triumphant (and hilarious) story. Plus, food.

3. Magic in the Moonlight
Colin Firth + Emma Stone. Enough said.

4. Third Person
A thoughtful twist on living your life in third person.

5. Wish I was Here
This looks like inspiring story about parenting better ~ living your life better. Just the kind of story I like to see.


  1. Oh, I love Mark Ruffalo! I'll definitely have to see most if not all of these. Girls' night perhaps? :-)

  2. great choices.. i want to see the Emma Stone one too

    1. Thanks Hena. Yeah that one intrigued me, they play off of each other well.


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