June 20, 2014

In My {Goodwill} Bag

With all the chaos with our house in May, we lived temporarily in a rent house of a friend. I only had four pots (sauce pan, soup pan, casserole dish and skillet), a few silverware, plates and cups. And you know what?

It was wonderful.

There were no leftover dishes in the sink. Every night I could fit everything in the dishwasher and voila, it was done the next morning. We didn't have much to mess up, so very little got dirty.

It once again made me aware of how much excess I have at home. I returned to dust filled kitchen cabinets and the task of washing everything in them. I found myself tossing more and more into giveaway bags (and sometimes trash) thinking thoughts like:

"It's been years since I used this." 
"I don't remember having this." 
"This is worn out, why was I keeping it?"
"Where did this come from?"
"What is this?"

If I didn't know what it was or hadn't used it in a really long time, I put it in giveaway. I wish I'd taken photos of that first batch, but I was too busy at the time. However, I thought it'd be fun (and hopefully encouraging) to periodically show what's in my goodwill bag.

Today I have:

  • Frankenstein pillow (above)
  • Diaper cream (above) - my kids are teens, ha, no need for this anymore.

  • Karaoke machine 

  • Sponge rollers

  • Child's sleeping bag ~ my kids have outgrown it.

It's been super freeing to be giving things away each week to people I know who might want it and then to Goodwill for the rest. Our home seems much more spacious and I hope to continue moving in that direction.

Do you find it hard to give things away? Or do you give away stuff away as soon as you bring something new into the house?


  1. I think I'm due for a purge! Now I feel like I should go through my kitchen drawers...


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