June 23, 2014

Cozy Minimalist: Walls

I thought it'd be fun to share what I perceive as the balance between minimalist cold and minimalist cozy. I'll use my entry wall for an example.

I humorously refer to myself as a "cozy minimalist". I love learning about minimalism and whittling down my stuff, but I also love things to feel warm and inviting. When I think of cozy, I think of quilts, cushions, carpets, pillows and color!

This seems opposite of what I imagine an avid minimalist would own. I assume their home would not have fluffy things and would be mostly neutral. I'm not there yet. For now, I prefer to reduce my stuff from overwhelming-chaos to simple-cozy. This feels doable to me.

I love having color all around me {artsy girl}, so obviously my decor reflects that. My husband loves black and white photography, so we have that in the living room. The combination of the two keep our home's style a bit eclectic but it's a good representation of us.

I hung this small selection of my art in a loose arrangement. I didn't want it to appear too aligned, but still wanted some form to it. I decided on six pieces because I thought it was a good number to showcase my style without going overboard.

What do you like on your walls?


  1. Your style sounds similar to mine :) I have to have colour amd we have a mix of styles on the wall! x

    1. That's so cool, Jess! We should start a love color club. :)

  2. That is my girl. Love your wall and love you. See ya Thursday, can't wait.


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