June 18, 2014

Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2014

It's always thrilling for me to see how many outfits I can make from ten pieces. I get a little obsessive about it. Sooo, I thought it'd be fun this summer to let you see how many outfits can be made from so few pieces. The set above is the first capsule I'm going to work with.

This set is not all the clothes I own, but I'd like to experiment with wearing only these. In July I may switch out the jeans for another pair of shorts or another dress. But I want to play with this little group for now.

Since I'm trying to be less consumeristic with my purchases, I'll list where each item came from. While making the list, I was happy to see that most of these pieces I didn't even purchase myself. Here's the break down:

  • Blue Gap t-shirt (hand-me-down ~ sister)
  • Black v-neck t-shirt (hand-me-down ~ mom)
  • Teal shorts (thrift store)
  • Summer dress (hand-me-down ~ daughter)
  • Black blouse (hand-me-down ~ sister)
  • Purple blouse (hand-me-down ~ sister)
  • Army-green skirt (thrift store)
  • Cream long-sleeved cardigan (hand-me-down~ sister)
  • Black short-sleeved cardigan (hand-me-down ~ daughter)
  • Red jeans (thrift store)

Yes, I have some rather colorful pieces but I really love bright colors ~ they make me smile. I tried to stay away from too many patterns. If I had a monochromatic color palette I might add more patterns. With bright colors, I've focused more on solids to keep it from being too overwhelming.

All the tops go with all the bottoms. The only article of clothing not compatible with all the other pieces is the black cardigan ~ I don't particularly like black on black but a scarf might help it work. If the black cardi becomes a big hindrance I'll switch it out too.

Have you ever experimented with a capsule wardrobe?

(See the 25 outfits I created in this post!)


  1. What an interesting idea! Definitely not something I've played around with, but it is fascinating...

    1. Lisa, I agree, I find it incredibly fascinating. If you'd like to see the outfits I put together, I'll be posting them on the last Friday of this month.

  2. Wow if I excluded a black cardigan from being paired with black pants, I would usually leave the house naked!
    This capsule is a great idea, though. Especially since I'm in my third trimester, I'm down to about 10 items of clothing anyhow--I may lay them all out and see what I can brainstorm for the next 10 weeks. Looking forward to your colorful outfits!

    1. Ha, that made me laugh, Kimberly. I should've been more specific ~ I meant a black cardigan with a black top. I wear black cardigans with black pants too. :) Wish I could be there to help you brainstorm, I love that part! Also, congratulations on your pregnancy!

  3. It's lovely seeing your capsule wardrobe. The black and white cardigans are a good idea, they'll match everything and to think you didn't have to buy anything! :)
    Jess xx

    1. Aw thanks, Jess. Yeah, shopping from the closet is cheap in the best way! :)


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