March 21, 2014

I Dream of Mountains

My paintings lately have drawn more inspiration from the people around me and the ones, I assume, are around you. We all have friends with big dreams and secret passions. This painting was inspired by my good friend, Adrienne, who feels most at home in nature, especially among the mountains. I love watching her face light up when she talks about them.

I understand why she loves them; my husband and I lived in Colorado during our first years of marriage and those mountains just draw you in. They're royal and empowering. Not to mention they helped this directionally-impaired woman find her way in a new city. I knew where I was as long as I could see the mountains.

What is your secret passion? What is the thing that even the thought of it brings a happy sigh from your lips?

P.S. The reason the words look slanted in that last photo is because I was leaning the painting back to avoid a glare. They really are aligned, I promise.


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