March 19, 2014

What's Behind the Curtain?

I'd had one of those mornings, you know what I'm talking about. Frantic, everything going wrong mornings that left me frazzled and late for the doctor. 

My husband realized, only a short time before his flight, he needed his passport which was in the safety deposit box. I ran to get it from the bank so he wouldn't be late for his flight, and this made me late to the doctor's.

I'd awoken in the night with terrible ear pain and hoped the doctor would be able to do something about it. Back in the examination room, the nurse was curt and cut me off as I explained some of my symptoms. She told me I only had a fifteen minute appointment so the doctor could only focus on a few things because now they were running behind.

Which I knew was my fault.

I sat there thinking how I could explain to her why I'd been late. I could try to help her understand that I didn't just blow them off. But I realized that it really didn't matter, because to her, the most important thing was that I'd messed up her day.

She forgot to look behind my curtain.

If she had, she might've understood. But like her, I forget to look behind curtains ~ especially when I'm driving. My head explodes if someone cuts me short or doesn't move when the light turns green. If I would glance behind their curtain, I might see a new divorcee struggling to breathe; a teenage man belittled by his dad; or a widow unable to hold back her tears.

I might not be so quick to anger if I imagined what was behind their curtain.

So as the nurse rattled off snippy comments to me, my view began to shift. 

I didn't know what was behind her curtain either.

In the end, I kept my excuses to myself and hoped whatever was behind her curtain, would get a little easier.

Have you ever wished someone rude could see behind your curtain? Have you ever misjudged someone without understanding what's behind their curtain?


  1. Thanks for this post Catherine :)
    That's a really good way of putting it, me and my family are going through an awful time at the moment and the people I pass in the street have no idea
    But as you say I don't know what's going on behind their curtain either

    1. Julie, I'm sorry for the hard time your family is facing. I hope that future days are brighter for you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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