November 29, 2013

5 Etsy Gifts for Teachers

I've got a plethera of teacher friends whom I love and I couldn't help searching Etsy for some fun ideas for teacher gifts. So whether it's your sister, wife, BFF or ... teacher, here are five adorable ideas to choose from!

1. Teacher Personalized Wire Bookmark by Shanna's Wire Wrap Jewelry.

2. Teacher Periodic Table Tiles {with cool quotes on the bottom} by 15 Tangerines.

3. Teacher Personalized Necklace by Stampressions.

4. Quick and Easy Print teacher print by TheEducatedOwl. I love how the teacher's name has a dotted line through it.

5. Teacher Keychain by DistinctlyIvy.

Hope these were helpful in your shopping quest!

November 28, 2013

Why I'm Grateful for You

Since today is Thanksgiving (in the States), I wanted to share three reasons why I'm grateful for you:

1. You're kindly concerned but not overbearing when I drop off the map for awhile. You make sure I'm okay but you understand that life gets crazy and sometimes we need to step away from the blog. Thank you.

2. You inspire me in the greatest ways with your blogs and comments. Even when I get overwhelmed with life, I still love reading what's going on with you and your thoughts.

3. You make me feel connected to the world in a way I wouldn't be otherwise. It still wows me that we can "know" people from across the world in this tiny land of internet.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, or just a happy day! I'll be celebrating with my family and stuffing my face full of turkey and dressing. Yum.