October 9, 2013

31 Days of Simple Outfits {Day 9}

Oh you sweet little lacy shirt, you! I always feel super romantic in this outfit, it reminds me of Italy for some reason. The colors are earthy and I love that. It says more with pattern than with color. I feel relaxed wearing this and yet whimsical. Relaxed and whimsical...some advertising person should add those words to their marketing strategies. ;)

I'm working on the house today, specifically my son's bedroom. We have some new furniture coming, thanks to my sister's move, and I need to make sure we have the space for it. His room's been needing a re-do for awhile but it's been on my back-burner; time for it to take the lead in my priorities.

Do you have clothes that remind you of other countries?

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  1. 31 outfits? What a great idea. I want to put more thought into what I wear. I feel like such a slob half the time. By the way, I added that video tutorial to my blog post about wood flooring. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Thanks, Natalie. It's been fun thinking it through. Awesome on the video, I'll be back to watch!


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