October 10, 2013

31 Days of Simple Outfits {Day 10}

Pattern Palooza, I know; but you'll have to trust me that this looks more cohesive in person. :) I'm not usually a multiple patterns sort of person, but I like this combination. And comfy? Ahhh, yes. My favorite kind of outfit.

You know, so far all the outfits have been combined with only 18 items. It's making me wonder if I could manage with less than 33. I've attempted 10 for a few weeks before, but I wonder if over the long-haul I could stick with it. The thing is, I want to simplify not just to challenge to myself but because I know in the long-run it would help save money and it would benefit the planet. If everyone buys less clothing and wears used clothing, it would cut down on so much waste. But we're a consumeristic society, so I don't expect that to happen overnight; I just want to do my part. I actually find I'm more creative when I have limits so this is a fun challenge for me.

Do you mix patterns?

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